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Friday, May 11, 2018

RORAIMA Sinature Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair Ergonomic Design with Comfy and Deep Seat Products Size 22"x21.7"x28.3" Color Gray

When you need a chair to take everywhere including camping, BBQ or etc. This is the chair for you 


The chair is very comfortable , easy to fold , easy to store anywhere , pockets on the side and front. 

Carry on bag that can be place on the shoulder.

The price is very reasonable .

I weight 190 and the chair hold my weight plus my two toddlers that are 30Lbs each.

When you seat is like a feeling of lounging but comfortably. You can stand easily and the pockets are very secure. I like that it is very relaxing chair that don't bother me at all.

Want to buy . Link below. Demo video below .enjoy 

I like the way I can carry it easily without the strap falling off . The material is strong enough to hold a person like me who is 185lbs and feels comfortable.
I do wish it has a arm rest to put my arm on top that would be nice to have with a cup holder on it.

What make me want to try out the product?

I needed a fold-able chair to have around when I have visitor at home or going out . I needed Roraima lightweight chair because it looks very comfortable to have and carry seem light.

What was your honest reaction when you first held and opened the package?

How light it truly is , easy to fold open and sit down I was like honestly "Woah , because my body went into a lounge position quickly". 

What problem were you expecting the product to solve for you personally?
 I was expecting to have that lay back feeling that is also comfortable and this chair give you that satisfication. 

What were your likes/dislikes?

Like- fold-able, lounging feeling, comfortable, pockets
Dislike- No arm rest, No cup holder

Who do you think this product is a perfect fit for?

Everyone, sport family who like to watch the games, and camping who love an easy fold-able chair. I use it for anywhere including at home. 



Monday, April 2, 2018

She Savvy to jOIN


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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Google Youtube Help Wanted Reseacher study

Hello all, 

I was searching through youtube and find a section where they have tester at. 
I was curious to join youtube/ google research study . Link below

I join and notice they need more people to join and provide me with the link above. Click on the "JOiN HERE" 

Will take you to a new page and you just filled out the form they provide. 

Good luck.. 

waiting patience for my approval or not

Basically if you get approve you can go to the office, someone comes to your home, or you can do it via internet. You test out the things they want you to test out  and you give your 100% honest opinion .

Follow their instruction and things go as planned :) ..Thank you google #ad

Wednesday, March 14, 2018



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Monday, March 12, 2018

Fab Fit Discount

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Reviews

Welcome to Neutrogena Hydro Boost Set 
Product Review

Neutrogena is a brand that is Dermatologist recommend products that are great for everyone including those who have sensitive skin . They also make other product's including for the hair,  and cosmetic's. 
Neutrogena product are very informative on their product and site (in which I will write the ingredients from their product under each picture and video. As well, write how to use it with my own personal experiences written).
Neutrogena been out since 1930 by Emanuel Stolarof (read more about the history of the company on History of Neutrogena )

I had use Neutrogena in the pasted. Once I heard about their new product Hydro Boost . I was surprise on reviews result and my own experiences gave me a happy ending. You will see in my video.  Hydro boost is a great way that gives you the results on your skin that you been looking for and make you feel that fresh  feelings. 

Before I start the product , my face feels dirty and not a glowing look. 
When I started using Neutrogena product's and felt the dirt leaving my skin. I start feeling the freshness, and feel it working through my face.

The only way you can feel results is buying the product on
 Let's start the Journey with Neutrogena Hydro boost Product's.. 
Below are video's of me testing out the products.
Picture with ingredient's, how to use it , my experiences and description's of the products.

Hydro Boost "Hydrating Cleansing Gel"

First I would like to start of with the ingredient's. Then how to use it. Descriptions and last my experiences .. ( Same steps for the other products on my site)..


  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine
  • sodium
  • cocoyl lsethionate
  • sodium methyl cocoyl taurate
  • sodium chloride
  • sodium hydrolyzed potato starch dodecenylsuccinate
  • potassium acrylates copolymer
  • hydroxyacetophenone
  • polysorbate 20
  • phenoxyethanol
  • fragrance
  • linoleamidopropyl pg- dimonium chloride phosphate
  • sodium hydroxide
  • citric acid
  • polyquatemium-10
  • disodium edta
  • ethythexylglycein
  • hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid 
The reason Why I write the ingredient's is because it is good for everyone including those who have allergies to certain things. I know how it feels to be allergic to things because my son have high level of allergies to things that we eat in our everyday life. I am being helpful as much as I can .. 

                                                                   How to use -
Wet face, Apply to hands, add water and work into a lather. Massage face gently . Rinse thoroughly. 

(Ingredients to Description's is what is on the product's bottle) (My experience is my own experiences, and my own words).
This lightweight gel transforms into a silky lather that effectively lifts away dirt,oil, and makeup. With hyaluronic acid, the formula is clinically proven to it in, leaving skin refreshingly clean and touchable supple, every time you cleanse.

Happy to share my Experiences with everyone

When I wet my face to applied the product it works as soon as I start scrubbing. 
I feel the dirt leaving my skin as I am scrubbing Hydro Boost  hydrating cleaning gel. 
It is easy to use, no irritation after use, but softness that appear on my dry face was a shock. 
I suffered part's of my face after I gave birth to my kids is bad dry skin.
Hydro Boost have help me get that soft skin but fresh feelings that I really need. 
To see results is to use the products daily. 
I like that it smells good, and it feels soapy when using . 
The rinsing was easy and no need to keep pouring so much water for the product..

Hydro Boost Gentle Cleansing Lotion


  • Water
  • glycerin
  • butylene glycol
  • sodium hyddrolyzed potato starch dodecenylsuccinate
  • sea mays (corn) starch
  • polysorbate 20
  • poloxamar 188
  • hydroxyacelophenone
  • acrylates/c10-30/alkyl acrylate crosspolymer
  • peg-100  stearate
  • glyceryl stearate
  • ethythexylglycerin
  • disodium edta
  • sodium polyacrylate
  • sodium hydroxide
  • sodium hyaluronate
                                                                     How to Apply

Apply to wet face. Massage gently, and rinse with water. Or, apply to dry skin with fingertips, massaging in a circular motion. Gently wipe off with cotton pad or tissue or rinse with water.                                                                 


This mild, fragrance free formula melts onto skin to instantly remove traces of dirt, oil and makeup without greasy residue. With hyaluronic acid, the formula is clinically proven to increase skin's hydration level and lock it in, leaving skin clean, soft and touchable supple,every time you cleanse.

Experience's is what you see the best result

   Many product's don't give you the result you want ..
 For me , Neutrogena make me feel confidence's more with my face and happy to see the glow that I always need.
   I was surprise that there is a cleansing lotion from Neutrogena . 
I got excited to try it out and show my first time using on the video..
When it said "Dry skin or Wet Skin" . I just had to try it and see the results.
It does make your skin soft, no fragrance's as it said and great for sensitive skin.
Pour a small amount and it does a great job.
It makes the skin very smooth even when the face is wet with the Neutrogena Cleansing lotion is on while massaging the face.
What I like most about this product is that I can use it outside just have a cotton pad near by . 

 Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser


  • water
  • sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate
  • cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine
  • glycerin
  • sodium hydrolyzed potato starch dodecenylsuccinate
  • acrylates crosspolymer-4
  • cellulose
  • polysorbate 20
  • citric acid
  • sodium benzoate
  • glycolic acid
  • polysorbate 20
  • citric acid 
  • sodium benzoate
  • glycolic acid
  • fragrance
  • lactic acid
  • sodium hydroxide
  • disodium edta
  • carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract
  • hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
                                  Sunburn warning :

This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product for a week afterward.

How to Apply

Wet face. Apply to hands, add water and work into a lather. Massage face gently. Rinse Thoroughly.


This lightweight gel-cream cleanser with naturally- derived skin smoother effectively removes dirt, oil and dry surface skin. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it's clinically proven to increase skin's hydration level and lock it in- for instantly soft, supple, and refreshed skin. Gentle enough for daily use.

Hydro- My Experience-Booster 

Exfoliating Cleanser is one of my favorite because you can feel the scrub on my face. 
While applying it felt different from the other product of Neutrogena I had tried . 
The differences is the other is liquid and this one has a little of like sand inside of it.
That's the good part because it help the massaging of the face to take out the tough dirt , makeup , dry, or oil out the face. 
I feel the Exfoliating working and it became soapy once I got the hang of massaging my face gently. 
Afterward, I felt my skin fresh, soft and smooth as well smells so great like perfume. 
The dirt plus my dry skin was gone right after. Result's of Neutrogena Hydro boost product's works effectively and quickly.

Hydro Boost Multivitamin booster &
Hydro Boost Wet Gel

Hydro Boost Multivitamin Booster

  • water
  • propanediol
  • glycerin
  • pentylene glycol
  • niacinamide
  • phenoxyethanol
  • butylene  glycol
  • peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil
  • ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/vp copolymer
  • caprylyl glycol
  • ethylhexylglycerin
  • chondrus crispus powder 
  • 1,2-hexanediol
  • acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer
  • tromethamine
  • panthenol
  • sdium hyaluronate
  • synthetic fluorphlogopite
  • agar
  • gellan gum
  • fragrance
  • disodium edta
  • tocopheryl acetate
  • algin
  • sucrose
  • chondrus crispus extract
  • arginine
  • pca
  • serine
  • alanine 
  • citric acid
  • threonine
  • mourera fluviatilis extract
  • titanium dioxide
  • mica
How to Apply
Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing face. Can be mixed with your favorite Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturizer for a hydration boost.

Energize and brighten the look of dull, tired skin with our innovative hyaluronic acid- multivitamin complex serum.

This serum instantly quenches skin, while helping to improve skin moisture barrier against reoccurring dryness, for hydrated, supple skin that glows. 

Can be mixed with your favorite Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer for a hydration boost.

Purified Hyaluronic Acid- Naturally found in skin hyaluronic acid acts as a a sponge for dry skin, absorbing up to 1,000 times its weight in water. this serum with -Vitamin E Capsule - help energize and revitalize the look of dull , tired skin.

Non- Comedogenic- Dermatologist tested .Does Not Contain Pore clogging oil.

My Experiences with two product's In one.. (One is Multivitamin Booster, two is Water Gel

This one going be different because I will write about both experiences with the product's that are on the video. For the last Product Hydro boost water gel ingredients, how to applied, and description will be after I write my experiences here  under this video..

My experiences for the Multivitamin booster felt my skin feels difference in a good way as if it's working . I tested out to see and also feel the difference of a non- neutrogena with my natural skin feeling and the other side with Neutrogena Multi vitamin booster and water gel on top of multivitamin booster.

Later on the day, The skin that I didn't applied anything feels very dull and dry like it always been before discovering Neutrogena .
My other side of face I definitely feel the difference as smooth feeling and more relax feeling. Feel more healthier on the Hydro side of my face. 
I love product that works great and Neutrogena Honestly did a great with these  Hydro Boost products.

Multivitamin feels a liquid feeling, love the way the bottle look in the inside and you don't need to applied a lot because a small amount will do the job. 
The scent is amazing like I wish you can make a perfume with that scent called "Neutrogena Hydro Perfume". 
I didn't catch no irritation , no reaction's to the product and work great for me (remember everyone is difference and depends on your skin). Do  a testing on your skin a small amount in a area to see if you allergic. I didn't do it because Neutrogena product's I had use it before and now coming back to use it again. I stop using it because of financial situation but now I am happy that I got the chance to try Hydro boost products that are new.

Hydro boost Water Gel
  • water
  • dimethicone
  • glycerin
  • dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer
  • phenoxyethanol
  • polyacrylamide
  • cetearyl olivate
  • sorbitan olivate
  • dimethiconal
  • c13-14 isoparaffin
  • dimethicone crosspolymer
  • chlorphenesin
  • carbomer
  • laureth-7
  • sodium hyaluronate
  • ethylhexylgecerin
  • fragrance
  • c12-14 pareth-12
  • sodium hydroxide
  • blue 1
Instantly quenches dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated day after day. 

The unique water gel formula absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream.
It boosts skin's hydration level and looks it in all day

Purified Hyaluronic Acid- Naturally found in skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid acts as a a sponge for a dry skin cells, moisturizing with up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in more supple and smooth skin. 

Oil-Free , Non-Comedogenic

How to Apply
Apply evenly to face and neck after cleansing. 

If you got any question's  call 800-582-4048
Outside of USA 215-273-8755 
Or visit 

Thank You For visiting .
Thanks to Neutrogena for the Opportunity and Brandbacker.
When you want the best results of feeling freshness, dry-free, oil skin, make-up, or sensitive skin. Neutrogena Hydro boost Product's are the best and also Dermatologist recommend that's a plus . 
Many product you don't get the result you want or there are always some type of issues. 
Neutrogena is very informative, and if any issues contact them . They help you with any tips, advice, concern, compliment's or anything..
You want to buy . Here is the link 
For better #SkincareStatus and you want to  #GoBeyondClean . 
Neutrogena is the best and you won't be disappointed. 

Partnered with Neutrogrena
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Restore "break out of your past and into God's future" by vince antonucci (Tyndale)

A great book to read when you feel you need that push in life . That support ,that love and understanding on big changes in life or situation that's in your life. 

This book is good for those who are in need of rehab for drugs, alcoholic, family issues, self issues , work or anything you need to get that closure.

I feel my brother who have lots of restoring to do should read this book . As I read this book we can relate to it because we have issues that we need to solve. My brother and I always bump heads for what reasons I honestly don't know. However my parent always tell me 
that he been like that since the day I was born.
As I grew older  despite all the stuff he have put me through while growing up . I always show my love to him and he sometimes act like everything is cool. Once he go and do what God knows what with his drugs. He is a totally different person . He feel I am trying to take my dad away from everyone and have my dad live with me. When it is all different topic. He assume things about me, talk about me without even knowing the truth about my life and it is constantly sibling rivalry between us. I am tired of him the ways he treat me  and I want us to have a better different relationship int positively and loving ways . If he don't get sober for himself, and changes his action against . he wont be allow to be in my house and after he talk down on my daughter. he want allow to get that respect from her like he use to because I want my daughter to know in order for her to respect people if they give the same respect back. if not, then walk away and let them be. He is older then me and i am the baby of the family. I feel he has a lot going on within himself that once he see me its like a trigger that hits his brain and he attack me verbally. In people eyes I am spoiled, lazy, dependable, all negatives because of him  telling people.  We live in two different boroughs in NYC and don't talk only during family events.

I see the  problem and i have try to fixed it but it just not working. i figure he has to help himself and get clean. I hate drugs and drinking  to unlimited. I try to help him and he said he dont want help. then he has to learn to help himself if he really want to.. I have habits like i love teach my kids and I read books these are my addiction's.  I think my brother is like that with me because he feel like I am a threat to him because my parent always favor me more then him. I don't do drugs, i got my high school diploma, i got my college degree, i got a family of my own, i don't drink and if i do is only rare to 1 or 2 cups that's it. Other then that he drop out of school at a very young age , he never went to high school, ran away, got high at age 13 years old and drinking. He always hang out with the wrong one, and have put my parentnnt through stress and still do. Once my mom passed away 2013 he just got so much worst into drugs and still do cocaine and trust me it's sad to see my brother going through things I have no control over it because my dad was once a drug addict. he said you cant do nothing about it because it is up to the person themselves to changes. 

This book here will help you guide your way and make you see things in a different perspective way. You will see things and understand why it happens and how can you changes it. This book help me understand my brother more and see what he is going through. I use "Restore" for my own issues that I have to understand and why it happen in the first place with my brother . Can it be because he use to run after me when i was young and i make him cut himself with the old antenna. I always felt he always been negatives against me since i was young . A book that you can relate is a book that will help you accomplish. Read the book and you will see things in different view and help you in many ways .. Highly recommend >>>  click to purchase