Hot ring

                           Trojan Vibration's Hot Ring

                                           Who said a dick can't have a ring?!! lol

                                                           Well ! HELLO!!

To the HOT RING that Vibrate to your maximum of excitement when you are intimate.

The vibration is strong , and it feels like a little like rubber. It shouldn't hurt the penis, I would tell you if I was a man . If it fit my penis but unfortunately I am a woman and I'm getting my experience's with the ring a different way. For him, he usually don't wear this but he said it feel different and kind of weird to have something vibrate on his penis.
Did he like the Hot Ring?
No, he didn't like the vibrating part.

But the other question is

Did I like it ?
OH, yes ! I did ! I love to be vibrating all the way to my vagina can't handle no more. Might feel numb due to the vibration but it does the job . Well, for me ! and I also got Trojan Vibrating Hot Ring for free from Smiley360.
 I highly recommend for you to try it for yourself.

This is the link

where you can buy it

& the link that I received it for free