Kiss True Volume Lashes

                                       Kiss True Volume Lashes

I received Kiss True Volume Lashes for free by Influenster. Influenster is a site where you write your Honest Experiences Reviews, Ask Questions, Answer questions, post picture of the products you tried, Share, do campaigns  (I received JinglevoxBox , in my blogs you will see the box that came with all the stuff including Kiss True Volume lashes) , and word of mouth to everyone including posting all social media's plus YouTube. 

I am writing about the Gorgeous Lashes that I received for free #sponsored. I will show you how to apply Kiss Lashes (Link to buy Kiss) and the steps written. 

Here is how Kiss Lashes and the Adhesives Glue from Kiss . The color of the glue is black, pour a little and be light with it because it pours out a lot . If you squeeze the bottle, and put the glue where the glue kept the lashes in place inside the small box that came with it.

Here is another picture of the steps! 
First I open the glue top 
Took one lashes at a time out
I pour a very light amount on the glue side of the lashes
then I check if the glue drip on the lashes 
That I can clean it off because it get stuck
once you do that !
I use my hands to make sure I don't feel the stickiness 
I have a mirror and a bright light 
I can see what I am doing 
then I slowly apply the lashes  as close as I can to my eyelashes 
making sure it blend together with my real lashes 
then I make sure the glue doesn't go anywhere on my eyes except for where it belong near my eye lashes 
This is my results , when I apply the glue to the lashes 
The lashes to my eyes.
I am a beginner still with lashes and this is actually my first time 
I love the way it looks on me , even thought I need more work to improve but everyone learn everyday . I am learning to improve :) and kiss is great lashes that doesn't break. Glue is good to hold for a long time. 
To clean it off ! I tried water to take it off with a cotton pad and I also tried Garnier Miscellar Make up remover to see if it works. It works with the glue and make the eyelashes brand new again. 

Thank You all for visiting !
I will be back with more :) 

Thank You Influenster to be apart of campaign world to test products for free
Thank you Kiss True Volume Lashes for allowing to test for free #sponsored
Thanks to kiss true volume to give me the glue as well to have me apply the lashes on. 

See You , Till Next Time