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Monday, February 29, 2016

Norskwall Slatwall Value Pack

Norskwall Slatwall Value Pack

I received #Norskwall for free for my honest review. 

This is a wall panel that you put up in your garage or anywhere in your house. 
Make sure you have a medium to a large wall. 
You can use any amount to have it fit the length of your wall. 

It is strong, easy to put up and faster if you have a partner to help. 
The side piece makes sure you put the metal part behind the wall to hold it in. 

You can hang up bikes, tools, bins, and so much more. 

I love this wall panel and Yes! I will buy more in my near future. 

You can also connect the wall panels and it can save you lots of space in your garage or home.

You must have a drill because the wall panel are very thick and it is way easier to get the nail inside. 

Click to buy

Below are pictures :) enjoy. 
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Friday, February 26, 2016

His Hers Lover Heart-Shape Couple Pendant Necklace

His Hers Lover Heart-Shape 
Couple Pendant Necklace

You want to get that lovely gift that express your love?!.
They can carry your heart everywhere you go and you feel complete.
It is easy to wear, very light and looks amazing with the words saying 

"I love you".

 Here is #EvermarkeTitaniuSteeHiHErLovHearshapCouplPendanNec to enjoy with the love of your life. 

I love the heart connect together as the picture shown below. 
I love that the heart said "I love you" 
I love everything about this lovely necklace.
I highly recommend this lovely necklace for a perfect gift from literately from your heart and soul.

I received #EvermarkeTitaniuSteeHiHerLovHearshapCouplPendanNec
for free for my honest review.

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Clean PINK 2-way High Quality Bath Hair Catcher

                                                 Clean PINK 2-way High 
                                Quality Bath Hair Catcher

You ever wash your hair and the bathtub get clogged up. 
You have no way to fixed it. 
Then you called the Plumper.
They charge to much money to get the hair out. 

Here comes #JGOB to the rescue. 
You can put your money back inside of your pocket . 
Catch your hair on time before it goes down your shower / bath drain.

It does the job great , it is easy to take out, easy to grab the catcher and easy to clean. 

You should tried it yourself and you be amaze the amount of money that you can save.

Save you money & you are a pro of #JGOB : )

I received #JGOB for free for my honest review. 

click to buy

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Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

                                          Universal Air Vent Magnetic 
                               Car Mount Phone Holder

You want to have your phone on a great place while you driving. 
A holder that keep your phone in place while you drive all through these crazy bumps to.
You want a holder for your cell for GPS , or a quick answer to your cell without taken your eyes off the road. 

Here is #Magneticarmount a holder that keeps your cell phone in place. 
It have a great tightness to your cell that doesn't make your cell fall. 
The hook grip the vent great and you can drive without looking down. 

You should buy this because it is very safe and secure that keep your cell phone in place.
Less car accident happening because your holder save your life.

I highly recommend it.

 I received #Magneticarmount for free for my honest review.

click to buy
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Fm Transmitter HB01

                                                           FM Transmitter HB01

You want to listen to your IPhone , Android or any other electronics 
in your car radio.
When you on a road trip and want to have the fun time with people you love
or your associate. 
When you want to just go to one place to another. 
You can use the #FmTransmitterHB01 hook into your car. 
It doesn't kill your car battery and it is easy to use. 
Just change to the channel that shows on the transmitter and you will hear your favorite songs from your phone. 

It is amazing on how they create a transmitter that we can finally listen to everything we want with our cell.  
I highly recommend buying #FmTransmitterHB01.

I received #FmtransmitterHB01 for free for my honest review.

Click to buy
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

32 oz Live infinitely infuser water bottle

32 Oz Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle

I love this bottle.

It is great for detoxing, on the go, for the gym and so forth. 
You can cut any fruits and put it inside. 

The top you have to turn both of them to open up the bottle.
It locks up great, no spilling and you can put lots of water that save you from your thirst.

It has a hook that you can hook to hold your bottle with your fingers.

It is actually a great bottle! 
What so GREAT about it??

You never saw a water bottle that holds 32oz of water inside plus fruits to help you detoxing or anything you want with it. 
& there two locks to keep the top in place. 

I highly recommend it 

#LiveInfinitely also have other great products to buy :). 

I received this lovely 32 oz #liveinfinitely infuser water bottle for my honest review. 

This is the pictures of  the bottle .
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You want to have a tampon that doesn't have people looking at you. 
Knowing that you have your period.
That your privacy and you want to save the embarrassment feeling. 

You have pads that can be so big.
That it doesn't fit your pocket or your hands and it still shows. 
You want something that you can put into a cute little box and no one can't figure what's inside but you only. 

Here comes !!!!!!!

O.B Pro Comfort 

The tampon that hides your privacy from others
Easy to hide, use, take out, and you can have it in your pocket all the time without digging into your purse or coat pocket to get your tampon. 

You can buy these at your local stores
and online sites including O.B

Thank You for allowing me to test out O.B for free for my honest review. 
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come back I will keep posting.

Professional lemon Squeezer w/ Zester & Recipes.

Professional Lemon Squeezer 
Zester & Recipes

I received this great set for #FREE for my honest review. 

You can use the lemon squeezer for lime as well or any fruits that shape like lemon and lime. 
You put the fruit first 
then put the red top & the other handle together 
to squeeze out the juice into a cup, or on a meat or anything you like the juice on. 

It is easy to use, easy to clean and  lots of juice  comes out.


Zester is a product that peals of the skin of any fruits you like the skin to peal off. 
You can use the skin of the fruits in your food or, however, you like it. 
It is easy to use, clean and peal the skin great. 

There are pictures below .

I received #mixologistworld for free for my honest review.

You can buy this site at (link below, just click on it )

The lemon squeezer & zester does come together and I highly Recommend.

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& Thanks for allowing me to test the product for free.


Friday, February 19, 2016


Toiletry  Bag in Premium Faux Leather (black) #travelbagMOAR

Hey :) 

You want a bag that you can put all the grooming inside. 
Men or woman 
Either personal things that can be inside. 

It is a great product #travelbagMOAR that the leather is strong. 
You can feel the strength inside this bag and out.
It has a handle that you can carry #travelbagMOAR anywhere you go. 
It has two pocket 
One on the side and the main one on the top. 
It has lots of space that you can put anything inside. 

I use this for my personal, beauty and grooming things. 
I was surprise that it can hold so much 

You can put trimmers inside with the machine and it will fit :).

I received #travelbagMOAR for free for my honest review. 

If you want to buy it 
here is the link

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Money Belt/Pouch Free Amazon Product

You want the perfect waist bag/pouch on you ?!! 

Here is the multiple, lightweight, easy to use #TravelKing. 

#Travelking comes with three pocket
1 small pocket for the cell phone or money or anything you like 
1 medium pocket for anything you like 
1 large pocket that can be anything that fits including a pad or your cell phone.
Now a days, Cell phones are bigger and they don't have the flip ability. 

#TravelKing is so great that the clip that you use to clip the bag together is on the side of you. 
Not like other pouch bags that have it on the back 
Where it is easy to take off by others without you realizing. 
The side gives you a better look at for your personal

The size of this bag  is a good size that doesn't bother you when you on the run or walking or jogging. 
It hold's in place :) 

You want to buy #TravelKing 
Here is the link 

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till next time:) 

I received #TravelKing for free for my honest reviewed:) 

Power Station: 2 Outlets + 5 Port USB Charging Hub #powerstrip

Hello, all :) 

The best Outlet to have :). 

It has two Outlet that has 3 holes in it for the plugs that either have 2 or 3 outlets to plug on. 

5 USB hub that you can place 5 electronics that need to be a plug on to get the charge. 

It has a power switch that turn's off & on. 

This is a great product to have because it actually work. 
It is small, light, easy to use and you can put your cell phone between the USB Hub & the outlet. 
It can be placed anywhere and you don't have to worry about tripping over the wire. 
The wire has a strap that can hold the wire good. 

Do You hate the way that you can't keep your wire in place?
That the wire keeps getting mess up and tie together
where you tried to tie the wires up but it keeps coming out?!!

Well !! .. I found the best product for you :) 
The #powerstrip is the best to have because it helps out :) from charging to holding the plugs together with the strap. 

You want to buy #powerstrip 
here is the lovely link :) 

I received #powerstrip for free for my honest review. 
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White Chalk Markers Liquid <Chalko> (4 Pack)

#Chalko is fun 
And the great gift to give out. 

#Chalko is chalk that has ink inside of it. 
It comes with 2 papers and 4 #chalko. 

The instruction said that 
You must press down, shake it well, then push down to the ink surface. 
Once you do that! 

You can write on the paper about anything. 
You can cut the papers and give it out with the #chalko.
Have others enjoy it 

It is actually a great product. 
I honest was confused but when I got the hang of it. 
How to get the ink out then I became the master of #chalko. 

I received #chalko for free for my honest review. 

If you are interested 
You can buy it 

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Sleep Mask by Treats & Smiles

You want that peaceful sleep?!! 

The sleep that you want to wake up feeling 

Here is the best #SleepMask you should buy. 


Treat & Smile Sleep mask is very comfortable , soft, adjustable on the back and very dark when you put it on. 
It comes with the ear plugs that block sounds and a shhh !! door handle sign. 
To block unwanted guess from bothering you from the meditating.

I recevid #sleepmask for free for my honest review. It is the best ! :). 
The ear plug is very soft and won't get stuck in your ears. 

It comes with a small bag that you can put the mask and ear plugs inside . 
The Ear plugs have a small box that you can put in. 

You can buy these at

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Nano Whitening Brush

I received this lovely whitening for #FREE #DRWhitening for my honest review.

I have start whitening my teeth for 3 to 4 days so far till 15 or 20 days for results

You can see the results on the 4th picture on the left side (look down). 
You will notice that my picture have a little yellow on it. 
I have use different kind of toothpaste to increase my whitening.
Then I notice the changes when I start using #DrWhitening

There are 10 strips, 2 sticks and instructions on how to use it.

            Instruction (from the box):
  • Just add water 
  • brush up & down
  • Use daily for better result (15-20days)
Yes, it is safe for sensitive teeth.

It said on the box that 
Reduces aged and normal stains
Reduce embarrassing coffee and tobacco stains
No chemicals needed

When I first use it, I can feel the smoothness on my teeth.
I see the yellowness on the white strips.
I did as it said on the box.

If you are looking for a great product to have. 
A great product that will whitening your teeth because you are embarrassed to smile. 
Dr. Whitening is the best way to whitening your teeth because 
it make sure to grab all the yellowness that you brush off onto the strips. 

I love how my teeth changes, so much after I use Dr. Whitening.

You want to purchase it 

here is the direct link 

Thank You 
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WaterColour Tablets Set

WaterColour Tablets Set

I love painting especially with my daughter involved.
I love to have fun with her and make her 
see that paint can be rainbow fun. 
The colours you see in the picture are the colors you get.

If you are an artist and you are looking for the world of colors. 
You should try these colors.
I highly recommend :).
I should have a better example picture of how the color is. 
Soon I will update the pictures with all colors

I love that #Eunectes watercolour set :) 
You can paint portraits, fun painting and anything else.
It is easy to clean 
Less messy 

You can have fun :) 
Fun all the way till your paint is gone
Fun till the paint make a beautiful portrait's 
Fun to buy more!!! 
more for everyone :) 

You can buy these wonderful painting & other amazing products they sell
on Amazon 
Link is below 

I received these wonderful paints for free for my honest experiences:) 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Forever cool cooling Towel

Forever cool cooling towel 

The best towel to use when you exercises, on the go, running, jogging, hot, camping in the heat, and so forth 

Cooling Towel is AHHHH-Maaaahhh--zzziinnGGGG . 

AMAZING is what I can tell you because once I open it.
I felt the coolness right away.I'm still amazed on how cool it stay's.

It stays cool for a long time and I follow the instruction. 

Instruction are:

Soak it till it get soft and smooth 
Then  rinse the water out 
Then snap the towel 

The material is very soft, the feeling that you love and it like a rubber feeling (my opinion). 

I highly recommend that you buy it 

Comes in two colors
Blue & Pink 
#LiveInfinitely #FREE for my Honest Review 
Here are my photo's & video . :) 
Thank You :)