32 oz Live infinitely infuser water bottle

32 Oz Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle

I love this bottle.

It is great for detoxing, on the go, for the gym and so forth. 
You can cut any fruits and put it inside. 

The top you have to turn both of them to open up the bottle.
It locks up great, no spilling and you can put lots of water that save you from your thirst.

It has a hook that you can hook to hold your bottle with your fingers.

It is actually a great bottle! 
What so GREAT about it??

You never saw a water bottle that holds 32oz of water inside plus fruits to help you detoxing or anything you want with it. 
& there two locks to keep the top in place. 

I highly recommend it 

#LiveInfinitely also have other great products to buy :). 

I received this lovely 32 oz #liveinfinitely infuser water bottle for my honest review. 

This is the pictures of  the bottle .
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