Nano Whitening Brush

I received this lovely whitening for #FREE #DRWhitening for my honest review.

I have start whitening my teeth for 3 to 4 days so far till 15 or 20 days for results

You can see the results on the 4th picture on the left side (look down). 
You will notice that my picture have a little yellow on it. 
I have use different kind of toothpaste to increase my whitening.
Then I notice the changes when I start using #DrWhitening

There are 10 strips, 2 sticks and instructions on how to use it.

            Instruction (from the box):
  • Just add water 
  • brush up & down
  • Use daily for better result (15-20days)
Yes, it is safe for sensitive teeth.

It said on the box that 
Reduces aged and normal stains
Reduce embarrassing coffee and tobacco stains
No chemicals needed

When I first use it, I can feel the smoothness on my teeth.
I see the yellowness on the white strips.
I did as it said on the box.

If you are looking for a great product to have. 
A great product that will whitening your teeth because you are embarrassed to smile. 
Dr. Whitening is the best way to whitening your teeth because 
it make sure to grab all the yellowness that you brush off onto the strips. 

I love how my teeth changes, so much after I use Dr. Whitening.

You want to purchase it 

here is the direct link 

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