Forever cool cooling Towel

Forever cool cooling towel 

The best towel to use when you exercises, on the go, running, jogging, hot, camping in the heat, and so forth 

Cooling Towel is AHHHH-Maaaahhh--zzziinnGGGG . 

AMAZING is what I can tell you because once I open it.
I felt the coolness right away.I'm still amazed on how cool it stay's.

It stays cool for a long time and I follow the instruction. 

Instruction are:

Soak it till it get soft and smooth 
Then  rinse the water out 
Then snap the towel 

The material is very soft, the feeling that you love and it like a rubber feeling (my opinion). 

I highly recommend that you buy it 

Comes in two colors
Blue & Pink 
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Here are my photo's & video . :) 
Thank You :)