Garnier Olia

Garnier Olia

I am trying the new Garnier Olia color Dark Burgundy. I kept my hair with the dye on for 45 minutes because I like longer results. 
Garnier been out for years, I have been using it for years as well and I love how Garnier makes my hair feels soft afterward. 
Garnier Olia is a new product that has many others colors that you can try. 
Garnier Olia came with a small brush that helps get the hairs that hard to get plus those grey hairs that we don't want other's to notices. 
Garnier Olia is a healthy product for the hair.

I have a picture below.
It shows me before pictures 
The color is light are my before picture
The picture of my hair dye 
and the after picture is the dark Burgundy color
My hair is very thick, and my hair is still wet on the picture. 
I need great lighten or you get close to my hair
You can notice the color.

Garnier came with a condition, once the hair is done and it time to wash it off. 

Here is the link 
Where you can buy any colors you want or any product of Garnier you want.

Steps to apply

Changes your clothing because you don't want to mess up a good outfit
Put 1 into 2 (the bottle) and shake well till you see the color changes
Keep shaking well 
Then take the little piece or cut the piece off ( you will see it ) 
Then put your gloves on 
Then either put the dye on your hand or hair 
Use the brush to comb the dye through your hair 
Then do whatever area you want to dye 
Then leave it on for 45 minutes or less/ or more
Then wash it off with the conditioner 
Make sure you wash it good because you don't want the dye on your clothing
Then you are done.  :) 

Thanks to Garnier #sponsored, Got it for #free Thanks to Crowdtap