Glamulet DYI Charm

                    Best DYI Charm For Valentine Day 

Hello All ! 

You looking for that special Gift ?

The one that shows the love that you want to share.

The kind of gift that have melt's their heart !.

I found one ! Just for you ! :) 
You can pick and choose the look you want . 
You can custom the Glamulet Charm 

Yes,  A Glamulet charm ! 

Matter of fact !! Guess what?

A DYI Charm

You can custom with pictures of your love one ! 

It can be for that special one , a family picture, for your kids , and list goes on .

                       You can choose from any of these below.

                                                     You want to Win it for FREE !

                                                             I was surprise myself,
                                                              When I check it out 

                        Here's the link Glamulet DYI Charm, and the steps are below

                      These are the steps to Win Valentine Charm

To share it to your other social media's account ! 
You can copy the URL that's on the top (Where you search . For example:
Then press right click on your mouth and go down to copy .
Then when you go to your social media accounts , do a regular status and paste the URL by right click then paste. 
If you want to do it on instagram, have the link under your post like you doing a regular post. 

I have a YouTube video to show Glamulet Tutorial