Professional lemon Squeezer w/ Zester & Recipes.

Professional Lemon Squeezer 
Zester & Recipes

I received this great set for #FREE for my honest review. 

You can use the lemon squeezer for lime as well or any fruits that shape like lemon and lime. 
You put the fruit first 
then put the red top & the other handle together 
to squeeze out the juice into a cup, or on a meat or anything you like the juice on. 

It is easy to use, easy to clean and  lots of juice  comes out.


Zester is a product that peals of the skin of any fruits you like the skin to peal off. 
You can use the skin of the fruits in your food or, however, you like it. 
It is easy to use, clean and peal the skin great. 

There are pictures below .

I received #mixologistworld for free for my honest review.

You can buy this site at (link below, just click on it )

The lemon squeezer & zester does come together and I highly Recommend.

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