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Monday, February 8, 2016

Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets

Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are great for all kind of baking that you love to do. 
Anything that you interested that helps you get non-stick results. 
Reynolds baking sheets are great because my cookies didn't get stuck 
nor melt through. 

I made Chocolate Chips cookies from the store and place them on my cooking sheets for 15 minutes. 
Till they get a golden color. 
Then I take them out and eat them warm but also, you can leave it to get cool off. 
Baking sheets are great ways to not dirty up your pan and it is easy to clean. 
Easy to use and easy to wipe off. 
Reynolds is a great company that been out for years and I highly recommend for everyone to buy and tried Reynold. 
Reynold also have other products you buy 
This is the link below . 

Baking Sheets 

These sheets are perfect and I received them for free :). 
Thanks to Reynolds and Crowdtap #sponsored for allowing me to experiences these great sheets