Sleep Mask by Treats & Smiles

You want that peaceful sleep?!! 

The sleep that you want to wake up feeling 

Here is the best #SleepMask you should buy. 


Treat & Smile Sleep mask is very comfortable , soft, adjustable on the back and very dark when you put it on. 
It comes with the ear plugs that block sounds and a shhh !! door handle sign. 
To block unwanted guess from bothering you from the meditating.

I recevid #sleepmask for free for my honest review. It is the best ! :). 
The ear plug is very soft and won't get stuck in your ears. 

It comes with a small bag that you can put the mask and ear plugs inside . 
The Ear plugs have a small box that you can put in. 

You can buy these at

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