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Thursday, March 31, 2016

PUSH IT ! Lower Back Support Brace

PUSH IT! Lower Back Support Brace

My dad love #pushitproducts because he said it help his back and it feels so comfortable.

I received #pushitproducts for free for my honest review. 

This product is great for when you working, or going to carry anything heavy or any injure or just to wear it because it makes you feels so great.

The material is strong, and it holds up well for a long time. It doesn't bother you and it can help your back. 
You can adjust it the way you love to have it . 

I would recommend because it can help you prevent back injure and so much more. It can keep your spinal from bending the wrong way and help you in many ways that you will be happy to have #pushitproducts. 

Leather Long Wallet

Leather Long Wallet

I received #longwallet for free for my honest reviewed. This is a great wallet that have four inside pockets, and have multiple card holder. 

I love that I can put my coins inside, money as well or any important documents. 

It is a great strong leather , long, thin, and fits in my pocket just right. 

This is a great unisex wallet that you can have because everything is easy to get without no hesitation.

You can also give as a gift as well . 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2 Sets of 12 Baby Monthly Stickers by Born & Beyond - 2 Identical Monthly Baby Stickers For Each Month Let You Reuse It Again and Again; 4" Baby Month Stickers For Great Pictures; Baby Shower Gift

I received #bornandbeyond for free for my honest review. 

These are great months stickers that you place on your kids shirt. 

These are great to take pictures or just to have on the shirt. 

Great way to keep up with their months as well. While they grow older, they will know how old they was.

It comes with two sets that are the same and you can give the other one away for others to experience as well.

Just pile the back of the sticker and place or saw or iron it on your baby clothes.  

You can buy  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bath Toy Organizer Set By Bath Fun Time

Bath Toy Organizer Set By Bath Fun Time

I received #bathtoyorganizer for free for my honest review.

I love that it comes with six toys


Plus two sponges and hooks

It also come with 2 free Ebooks.

My daughter loves it when she shower or bath because she can have Fun time while enjoying her shower/bath time.

She will be two years old and she already have a favorite toy.

She like the Star and the Duck .
She quack like a duck and sing the Twinkle Twinkle song

My son still a baby but the nose that come out these soft squeezing toys get his attention.

These are great to give as a gift or just to have because your kids or any kids would love to played no matter the ages.

March IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB Wall/Travel Charger

March IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB Wall/Travel Charger

I received #intelliarmour for free for my honest review.
This is a great USB charger to have because it have 4 outlet that charge your electronic good and fast.

It is great to keep or give as a gift.

It grabs the wire very well and make sure that it is tightly in.

I love this #intelliarmour because I can take it with me on the go .

When I am on vacation, at work, someone house and it is a great product that will help you save space.

It small box that helps you from plugging so much outlet in one plug .
It helps you have space on your outlet so that you can plug more plugs in the wall unit.

Men's Ring Stainless Steel Vintage Sword Shield Ring

Men's Ring Stainless Steel Sword Shield Ring

I received #Lanroque for free for my honest review.

I gave this ring to my husband and he loves it. I wish I can give my dad a ring like this to because this is his style.

My husband love every details of the ring, and he was surprise a size 9 fits him.

I love that it came in this cute small box, and the inside is soft as well.

The ring fit perfect, feels comfortable and it doesn't bother between the fingers.

The detail of the ring remind me of medieval time because the sword and how it is design.

They are very details with this ring and I love it.

I-Design Sunglasses Screw Free Aviator Woman 1017 Free

                                            I-Design Sunglasses Screw Free Aviator Women 1017 free

I received #idesign for free for my honest review.

I love the style of this sunglasses that I can wear during the summer time or have my daughter wear it.
As you can see at the picture the corner have a cute design.

My daughter wears it so cute ..

They got different colors, comes with a cute box, and a glass cleaner.

It is worth getting for style or the summer or anything you would like it for.

You can put them anywhere and they are easy to clean plus use.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bandana Bibs, Unisex 4-pack+2 gifts by Pashoshi

Bandana Bibs, Unisex 4-pack+2gifts by Pashoshi

I received #pashoshibaby for free for my honest review.
It comes with four bibs
bottle strap
paci strap

The bib have 1 side polyester the other side cotton.

It have 3 button levels that you can put.

I love it for my son because he have eczema and this helps him a lot.
Doesn't bother him at all .
I find these better then those other bibs that are out there because they are soft and doesn't hurt the baby when you gentle rub there face.

It is also a great gift to give as well and I love them.

2 Credit CArd RFID protector

2 Credit Card RFID protector

I received #sefcard for free for my honest review.

This is a great bundle to get to give or keep.
It is to protect your identity from thief's that scan your information without you knowing.

Now a days the smallest things can be a scanner or a camera that take your information

You might feel like you are safe without these but you ARE wrong.

These have a special thing that block anything that tried to scan from taken your information's.

It fit right in the wallet and doesn't take space. It doesn't break when you put your credit card inside of it.

You will love it because it is easy to use, and make you feel safe with your credit card.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Groovy waist trimmer

Groovy waist trimmer 

I received #Groovywaisttrimmer for free for my honest review. 

I love how I feel wearing #Groovywaisttrimmer because it helps my waist actually get slimmer, and my stomach also help the posture.

I love how it is great for either sex genders.

It is good for exercising as well .

Great for traveling , gym, summer run and wearing under the clothing.
Great to give or keep and it have get stretching ability.

Slimmer waist the goal for a healthy body

iPhone / iPad charging cable

iPad /iPhone charging cable

 I received #reachcablesiphoneipadcord for free for my honest review.

This is a great cord to have because it is long and also strong. You can feel the differences between the regular and this one. The material is flexible , and can be reach a good amount of space.

I like how it fit on my iPad Air, my daughter iPad mini as well and my sister iPhone .

Works great, charge quick and it is easy to use. 

Can take it anywhere and if you want to charge it in the car . It also great to move it how many times or far you would like. 

\ \ \ \ \

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ActionFly Portable Flexible Neck LED Light Table Desk Reading Lamp

ActionFly Portable Flexible Neck LED Light Table Desk Reading Lamp 

I received #Lamp for free for my honest review. 
I love that it is wireless, touch gently, three level light style from low, medium and bright.
You can move it anywhere you like, and take it with you anywhere.
It is great for laptop, reading a book, blackout, working on a project, and list goes on. 
You can charge it in a USB outlet, or computer and it is great for kids room when they are afraid of the dark. 
Doesn't eat up your electricistly Bill . 

It is easy to move the lamp in all different direction , light weight and your family will love having this. 

This is a great #lamp that helps you see things better or read when everyone is asleep. 
You can place it on top of the desk or clip it on. You can place it anywhere you like around the house, outside, the garage , backyard, work place or so on. 
It bright up the room and make you look at things as if the light was on itself.

The delivery was fast, package was secure and the great thing that I love is that can put inside my purse . 

Click to buy

The Subtle Beauty (Ebook Only)

The Subtle Beauty (Ebook Only)

I received #CrownsoftheTwelve for free for my honest review. 

This is a great book and it have a great learning lesson that we all should learn from. 
I love how it tells that true love isn't what we see but what we need to feel. 
The different of Love is in two forms . 

In love with someone beside their beauty but their inner soul that make us fall deeply and hard . 
Love that you just how the person is by their looks and how they make you laugh but they inner soul can be different from what they just want you to see. 

You can have a misery life with someone but do you really know them from the inside out and do you feel that you can live a happy life. 

I just don't like how certain people now a days think of what they want instead of seeing beyond a person . 

This story sound familiar to someone I know truly. 

They  love person but that person just don't love them the way they want them to. The other person is in love with that person that love the other person.  They have a misery life because one is negative mind that doesn't see beyond the person goal. 

Anyways, the moral to the story is that you don't know true love till you actually see beyond the person and love them for who they are not what you want them to be. 

You can buy the book at .. 

Walgreens unliever voxbox

Walgreen's Unilever vox box 

I received @axe for free for my honest Review. My man love the axe dry spray and it smells really good. It also show like nothing is there and it is easy to use. Also it last long and he loves it . 

Thursday, March 17, 2016



I received #DoDoToiletrBag for free for my honest review. 

This is a great traveling bag to take anywhere you would like it to come. 
you can have anything inside from shaving cream, shaver, soap, pads and etc. 

It has lots of space and pockets also a hook to hook up your bag. 

It can be either for women or men or even children's or teens . 

Also, it is a great gift to have or just to keep.