A Piece of Sky (Ebook)

A Piece of Sky ( Ebook)

 I received #CrownsoftheTwelve for free for my honest review.

I love how the book is very details, make you have a great imagination and make you feel like you are the red hen .
Make you feel you are the Sky, and all others.

Like it is a great book that catch your attention. Don't judge a book by it's cover. It is a great book and I highly recommend.

I love that the little red hen keeps going till she find what she are meant to find & that she is a great saver .

My definition to the book is that no matter how negatives the world or life can get. Keep motivating and keep going what you feel is the best for you because only you know what is at the end of your mission.

Keep going because negatives will always come and destroyed but it's on you to stop.

I don't want to spoiled the book but I guarantee this book does catch your attention.

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