HH Promo

HH Promo

I received #ShowerMaxx for free for my honest review. 

It comes with different type of shower falls

Circular massage
Power massage
Rainfall & circular massage together
Rainfall & power massage together 

& it is a water saver trickle 

My family and I loves showering with #showermaxx because the pressure feels so great and makes you feel so clean. 

It gets all the right parts of your body. 
Each type of #showermaxx it all depends on you because every one of them feels great

My toddler loves our #showermaxx , she gets excited because the water can be her pace and it doesn't bother her anymore. 

She think she at a sprinklers lol

I highly recommend 

It comes with the Treflon tape that goes on the pole to keep the water from coming out the wrong way.

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