Hot Pink Selfie Stick

Hot Pink Selfie Stick

I received #PinkSelfieStick for free for my honest review. 

I love how I can take it anywhere with me in the cute little bag that came with. 
I love I can fold the device part to make more room. 
I love that it is pink and white and the button is easy to press. 
It is easy to use and I love that I can do selfie picture with the group of people when I have events or go to events. 

I love that it is easy to use and give directions on how to use it. 
I had to download camera360 to use it. 

You should buy it because it is easy to use and you would love to have one when you want to take a group picture. 
You need help for someone to take a picture of you all but you can do it yourself now. 

Worth getting. 

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