The Subtle Beauty (Ebook Only)

The Subtle Beauty (Ebook Only)

I received #CrownsoftheTwelve for free for my honest review. 

This is a great book and it have a great learning lesson that we all should learn from. 
I love how it tells that true love isn't what we see but what we need to feel. 
The different of Love is in two forms . 

In love with someone beside their beauty but their inner soul that make us fall deeply and hard . 
Love that you just how the person is by their looks and how they make you laugh but they inner soul can be different from what they just want you to see. 

You can have a misery life with someone but do you really know them from the inside out and do you feel that you can live a happy life. 

I just don't like how certain people now a days think of what they want instead of seeing beyond a person . 

This story sound familiar to someone I know truly. 

They  love person but that person just don't love them the way they want them to. The other person is in love with that person that love the other person.  They have a misery life because one is negative mind that doesn't see beyond the person goal. 

Anyways, the moral to the story is that you don't know true love till you actually see beyond the person and love them for who they are not what you want them to be. 

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