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Friday, April 29, 2016

Laptop cooling pad fits up to 15.6" and smaller

 I received #laptopcoolingpad for free for my honest review.
It have two fans, wire storage (I called it ) , stand, and holder for the laptop not to fall.
It blow cool air , last long, the wire is a great length and it is light.
You can walk anywhere with your fan and laptop because it is very light and the wire won't be in your way ..
I love having it because my laptop won't be hot anywhere .

Laptop cooling pad guys 14" and smaller laptop

 I received #Laptopcooligpad for free for my honest review.
It is a great size for my laptop, the air is cool and the USB plug isn't long but it is perfect to reach to the USB outlet.
It is light, have a stand, keeps the laptop from falling, one fan, in the back you can have a place for the wire and works great.
I love that I can walk anywhere with the laptop and fan . It is very easy to use.

Glow in the dark pacifier clip set

 I received #GlowPacifierClip for free for my honest review.
They are so cute, comes with three.
The way I light it up with my LED lights and place it on it .
In the dark it does show the light .
I love that I don't have to be searching for the pacifier anymore .
Thanks to these Glowing in the dark holders that are easier to find. I love the instructions make you see and understand how to hook two different pacifiers .
This is a great product to have or give for baby showers.

Us art supply 36 watercolor colored pencil set

I received  #usartsupply for free for my honest review. I love that it have different colors, and color coordinate . I love that I can color and my pictures will come out nice. This is a great product for anyone who want to color or use it for art .
I use this all the time, and even my toddler love to color or draw sometimes.
I love that it came sharp already and they long.
It last long and doesn't break

Triple booster the best car charger ever (7.2A/36w)

 I received #TripleBooster for free for my honest review.
I LOVE That it comes with three wires.
One is for the iPad, iPhone, android or tablet wire.
I love that it came with a bag to place all of these inside the bag.
I love that it can charge 3 wires all at once and the battery life last.
This is a great product to have to use for traveling.
It will help save you time and have you charge your electronics in a way you won't have no more dead batteries.

Felt pads furniture floor protector, 100-pieces

 I received #floorprotectors for free for my honest review.
This is a great way to push your furniture around and don't scratch your floor anymore
This come in all shape and size that you can use and be happy that you get 100 pieces for every furniture in your house.
I gave some away because I know it can be helpful to others as well.
This is a great product because it make things easier and we don't have to worry about anything breaking or getting mess up when I use #floorprotectors.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wall 6 USB Charger 30W 6A Sun Cling black multi port travel adapter with half money

I received #usbcharger for free for my honest review. This is a great charger that can charge great and as well keep all wire well organize in one place.

I love that I can know where my wire is at and  make me charge multiple device. 

I love it because it is different then others . 

Coconut oil hair mask 8.8 FL. Oz

I received. #FBhairmask    For free for my honest review.

This is great hair mask for your hair. 
It helps make you hair healthy 
And smell great
I love to use coconut oil on my hair 

Coconut you can use in everything 
.this is a 100% natural organic that you get
Worth having. 

Oral spray for health mouth - choose your flavor

I received #ToothfilmUSA   for free for my honest ereivew. 
This is a great spray to keep your mouth fresh. 
as well help clean your teeth at the same time. 
I love it because it comes in different flavors 

You spray in your mouth, use your tongue to move around the liquid to make your teeth and mouth shine. 
It is great when you smoke, or have a long day at work or at school and want that fresh mouth .
This is the way to go . 

Alisten outdoor solar clip light

I received #Alisten for free for my honest review. 

This is great, it comes with a plug to charge it or you can use the sun to give it light because it has a solar behind it. 
It also has  a clip to place it somewhere and holds well. 
iIt have three level of light ,and a third one is a small light under the two medium sizes. 
It last long . 
it is great for camping, blackout, backyard parties or relaxing, reading and so much more. 
I use this for my kids in there room so that it can save me energy from raising my bill high for them to have the light on.
Having this save us a lot during the night and I love that we paid less on our bill. 
This is great for biking as well. 

You can do a lot with this lovely #Alisten Clip light. 

Alisten 6 port USB-C USB Fast Charger Station

I received #Alisten for free for my honest review. 

It comes with 6 USB output that will charge your devices well good. 

I love that I can have all my wires all at one location and don't have to unplug anything anymore to make room to charge. 
This is a perfect for work, home or anywhere . 
I love that I can charge many things all at once and doesn't take space.

100% natural coconut milk body polish 12 oz

I received #FBCoconutScrub for free for my honest review. 

This is great for Eczema 
age spots
dryness and so much 
coconut helps in many ways that we be surprise that it can cure and heal us at the same time. 

I always use coconut and natural products because I realize that sometimes I get reaction from these chemical products that it give me an itch that I can't stand . 

Using coconut have help me plus make me feel smooth again. 
Ever since I gave birth to my two kids .
I realize my skin is always dry and itching that I start to use #FBCoconutScrub and it all went away. 

Mop and broom holder organizer by DokO-IN

I received #DOKOIN for free for my honest review. 

This is a great organizer that have hooks that I use for rags. 
I place my broom, mop and dust pill to hook up . 
I love using this because it save a lot of space and don't have to trip over it anymore . 
I place it out the area, that I know my kids won't be playing with it and it is easier to find. 

It is easy to hang up, light and holds great. 

Boy's Pacifier clips

I received #stuff4tots for free for my honest review. 

These are great clips for bibs, for holding anything you can create to hold such as other people use it for toys to get dry / baby towels. 

I would use it to hold hair clips or anything that is creatives. 

They hold pacifiers very well and clip on the clothes very tight. 

I love using this and also love to give to others because I want them to have the experiences I have. 

I recommend this wonderful pacifier clips. 
You can have these to hold bottles as well. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

King iPad iPhone and 2 in 1 stylus pen

I received #Stylus pen for free for my honest review. 
I love that it have two side. 
One side is an extra side just in case the other side get mess up . 
This have a ciricle at the end of the point to make drawing and coloring more better on the touch screen . 
I love that I can see the differents between a skinny line to a big line and it works great. 
I love how smooth it is and how great it works. 
I love that it doesn't come out of line when you want to color inside. 
I ain't the best drawer but I tried and look how amazing the #stylus looks. 
I recommend :) 

Thin botanical body wrap

I received #ThinBotanicals for free for my honest reveiw. 
This is an all natural herbal that helps you loose your fat around any part of your body . 
This smell like plants because it is madew by plants. 
this work to keep you from getting fat

I recommend because this goes around your fat, helps you to get back into the body you want. 
You also have to eat healthy, and do exercises to make this work as well.