Born to Run (Ebook)

Born to RUN (Ebook) 

I received #CrownsoftheTwelve for free for my honest review. 

This is a great book because it keeps you thinking what will happen  next . 
The unexpecting of what going happen make you surprise. 

Surprise that you can't believe a girl at that age will do such a thing like she did to protect. 

Running away from problems will only make matters worst . 
In life you just need to face it, get over it and deal with it . 
The sooner you deal with it .
The better it will be for you in the near future. 
Running is just more stress, scare that will gain in you and when you want to stop it or control it . 
It might be to late to do so . 

It is better to be honest, open, then holding things in. 
Sometimes people might keep your secret. 
Others might said it and call the cops for your own goods because it can either help you or not.