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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Animals Adult Coloring Book

I received #lifestyledezigncoloring for free for my honest review. I love to color because it keeps my mind entertain while other things are happening. This coloring book 
does take the stress away .
It have quotation on them and different animals to color. 
You won't get bored because there differences thing for you to be entertain about. 

I love it !! I recommend to get it.. Great idea !!!!! 

ActionFly Flexible Long Arms Universal Cell Phone

I received #holder for free for my honest review.  
It is flexible, sturdy and you can just relax .
While you can watch movie, tv show and listening to music. 
Great to have on your table or anywhere you like to place it. 
You can do your video's without worrying it is mess up . 
I recommend because it is strong and worth having.

BYB Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

I received #BYBlight for free for my honest review. This flashlight is wonderful and it come with a keychain flashlight as well. I love it because it bright up my room.  It is great 
for camping and when it is a blackout. 
It is easy to use, need 3 batteries and it have a charger as well. I love that I can use this anywhere I like . It have a handle to put around your wrist.

Baffle Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Snaps

I received #bafflebibs for free for my honest review.  The material is cotton on one side and polyester on the other side. It is also a stylest bib and it comes with four difference design. I love using this because my son have eczema and this have help me a lot . I love to have this on him because he look so darn cute with it and it is easy to clean. Easy to adjust and worth having because it doesn't break.

click to buy

Friday, May 13, 2016

Baby car mirror

I received #BabyCarMirror for my honest review. 
This is a great card mirror that keeps your child entertain themselves by looking at themselves . I do not drive but I do have a person who actually drives me anywhere . I have hook this up on their car for my children to see themselves . My 6 month old son thinks he sees another baby and my 2 years old loves to see herself. She can stare at herself all day if we let her lol . This is great for mothers / dad / any guardian who taken care of the child while they driving to see how the kids feeling and check if they are ok. 

I highly recommend 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Outlet Covers Plug For Electrical Socket Covers From All4baby

I received #promotion for free for my honest review. Buy
I got a lovely amount of safety for the outlet . No more worrying that my kids are going get shock by putting their fingers inside the outlet. Now that I use these outlet plugs are lovely because I can make sure I put this in every outlet in my apartment. 

My kids can't even take it out because it grips really well and they think it belong there as well . 

Caffè Verde-Keurig 2.0 Reusable KCup Carafe Filter

I received #FriendlyWelcome for free for my honest review.

No more using disposible cups , now I can buy my coffee or any thing to put it in here to make my tea or coffee. I love using this because I can re-use it as much I can . i love the design and the colors. i highly recommend because you can use it / it is easy to clean and I just love them . 

I use this on my Keurig 2.0 , and I love that I can make anything now with this lovely K cups :).

Kuuk Silicone stretch lids for kitchen/food

I received #siliconelid for free for my honest reviews  

This is to cover any sizes of bowls to store in the refrigerator. They hold tight, and easy to put on . They save you money from buying or even searching for those food storage products. When some are a waste of your money, your time and they get mess up . These help you keep your plates and all you have to do is place this on top to cover. You are done! . I recommend it because it helps a lot, save a lot and tight tight tight . Gripping is the best.

Baby Blankets for Swaddling and Receiving - 4 Pack

I received #StolinaSwaddles for free for my honest review. 
I love how it comes with a bag and inside are four swaddle blankets. It also tell you to wash before use and the material feels really comfortable. It is long and easy to use . It will swaddle great for the baby and have them sleep comfortably. ,,
My son loves how soft it is and he felt very at ease with it. I recommend because this is great for baby shower or any gift for a new born or any baby.

Mann universal long arms cell phone holder

I received  #MaanTech for free for my honest review. 
I love how tight it hold my cell phone in place and won't move.
I love that I can have it in one place, and move it any how and any way  I want it.
It is flexible and works great.
Easy to built up and I love that I can watch my tv shows, and movies with my hands free.
I love that I can put it anywhere in my house and on the couch .
I love that I can do my video's now and they won't look shaky .
I recommend that you get it because you will fall in love with it . It is hard to move it and it's perfect.

sterling silver SWAROVSKI crystal heart pendant necklace for woman

I received #heartpendant for free for my honest review. 
What  a lovely necklace!! .. I love heart necklace and was very happy to received it. I love the design of it because it is very unique in it's own way . I love that it have it own way of definition that can be express. This necklace is great for my outfit and fit right. I wear it for special occasions because it bring out the beauty of my outfit. Other's notice how beautiful this necklace is. I love how it fit around my neck just right.

Swivel 260 degree rotatable bluetooth keyboardcase for ipad mini/ mini2 / mini3

I received #BluetoothKeyboard for free for my honest review. 
I love how flexible this is because I can change it in any directions that I love to have it. As well, I can use the keyboard like it is a regular laptop. It is Bluetooth to connect, you have to go into settings, go to Bluetooth , turn on the Bluetooth and then let it search for the keyboard . Once it search for the keyboard , click on the name , a pop up will show then write the code they tell you and enter. That's all you have to do to connect it. Then you can go to Facebook, the web or anywhere and type like you are on a regular keyboard. I love how I can watch movies/ shows hand-free now. Worth buying.

Prolific Health Fitness Yoga Pants Leggings

I received #ProlificHealth for free for my honest review. 
The material is strong because you can feel it and tell the difference from others . You can also know the difference from other leggings. I love these because they are so comfortable , movable and easy to adjust .They won't fall off you and it keeps your body feel tight. I am recommending for you to try this because it brings out the best in your body and soul .

3 pack Pacifier clip by KiddosArt (Cutest Baby- PIN)

I received #KiddosArt for free for my honest review. 
I love these wonderful cute baby clips holder. They hold on tightly and doesn't move . I love that the string can be use for the pacifier that needs the pacifier holder the most. I love that I can find the pacifier faster and clip on my purse without worrying it will get lost. This is great gift as well and they don't want to lose no pacifier anymore. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Valentia skin detoxifying clay mask

What is Valentia Skin Detoxifying clay mask?

Is it a Detoxifying clay mask that help make your face feels healthy as well take out the bad things that is unsafe in our face.

What are the Ingredients in Valentia Skin Detoxifying clay mask?

Kaolin clay - Known for its detoxyifying powers, clay minerals draw out impurities, improve skin tone, and tighten pores for smoother firmer skin.
*A natural Kaolin and Botanical based mask gently removes excess dirt and oil while deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin to reveal softer, smoother skin .

Plant stem cells- This French developed constituent naturally decreases the level of pro-aging toxins working to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and improve evenness.

Spirulina- A botanical stimulant full of vitamins and minerals that hydrates the skins surface and contributes to tissue regeneration of the skin.

CoQ10- Responsible for cell production in the human body. CoQ10 lessens the appearance of wrinkles by reducing free radical damage and stimulating healthy collagen production.

Hibiscus & Cranberry Fibers- Both lend their anti-aging properties to firm and reinforce the skin, helping to reduce the creation of new wrinkles.

Astaxanthin- A powerful antioxidant that repairs collagen production, combats free radical damage, and restores skin to elastic, bright and wrinkle free tones and texture.

(From the box of the product)

Draws out impurities
improves skin tone
reduces pore size
firms & strengthens skin

How to apply ?

Apply to face but be careful not to put it near the eyes.
leave it on 15-20 ( I would use it for 20 mins)  until it dries then
damp cloth , warm water to remove and circular motion to remove.
Helps take of dead skin and exfoliate

What do I feel when I have it on?

I feel the mask drying it at the same time cleaning my face. I can feel the dirt and all the unnecessary slowly leaving my face.

How do I feel after?

More clean then before, I can feel the freshness on my face and I can said how wonderful this product is really is.

Have I used this company products before?

Yes, I have . They have tons of other great product for tightness of the eye, cleanser of the face and so much more.

Do I recommend this product to others?

Yes, because they do the most natural and best product I have ever tried.  They also work while you have it on . You can notice the difference within time.

I love the way the mask take over my face like it's a vacuum cleaner that absorb the badness .

You will get a discount of 35% off ,
Here is the discount code
Valid only May 16th to June 1st
The discount code works only on

Most important information

Natural & Organic ingredients, 
also vegan
Made in the USA

Thank you for reading & enjoy the wonderful or Valentia product .

Here are there other links

Sunday, May 8, 2016

E-book Parrish paranormal romance / mystery

I received #futurehousepub for free for my honest review. Buy click to buy

This is a great book to read . The details make you feel like you in the book with them. I like how it make you understand how the person feels and how they so forward in paranormal. 

Great book must read 

Liquid Savvy's 18 oz Insulated bottle

I received #LiquidSavvy for free for my honest review  

It is great for Cold and hot drinks . You can changes the top to the one you like.
You can use the top that you can hook the bottle in the bag or stroller or etc. 
You can change it to the one you can drink so it doesn't spill. 
Then you got the the top that already is put on . 

It is a great bottle , strong and good material .