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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I received #homeworkout for free for my honest Review.

They are comfortable to use , especially those planks and it is great to do lunges as well. A great exercises slider that make things easier and comfortable. 

I like it and recommend because it give you that less painful but challenging feeling . It comes with a book to teach you different exercises steps. 

Super Markers 100 Bullet Point Tips Marker Set

I received #usartsupply for free for my honest Review. 

It comes with the extra amount of 100, in all colors and works really well. 

The pointer isn't as sharp nor as thin but it just right. 
You can use it for class, for fun or anything you like.
I highly recommend this company because there markets last long and don't have those headache scent.

I love you to moon and back necklace, 18"

I received #craftstrtdesign for free for my honest Review.  

I love the words "I love you to the moon and back "

Lovely wrapping and it came quick . 
I like that it have meaning to it without even realizing it does. 

I like to give as a gift to someone close to my heart. 
I recommend because it have meaning and you can give it to someone special as well. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Flexible Desk Clamp LED Lamp & Mount (PAD-FDC)

I received #PADFDC for free for my honest Review.

I love using this product because it's a Two in one . 

You can have your tablet, ipad, phone on it (either one) and it have a light in the back. 
The light got two levels and you can rotate by moving it. I love it :) 

Picnic table mat - for travel

I received #Handymat for free for my honest Review.

Great pinic mat that you can use when you want a little pinci with someone or a family. 
It comes with two , hard, great to fold, and make things easy . 

You will enjoy it because it doesn't make things seem uneven.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Potable Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter

I received #BeachTent for free for my honest Review. Beach time yay. Got a tent for the kids . 

When I got it , It just open so fast that I was like WOW ! THIS IS HUGE ! lol . 

This is a great tent for the beach or part because it can hold a lot of people inside and comfortable. I love it .

1X Fog Free Shower Mirror

I received #ShowerMirror for free for my honest Review. 

You can rotate the mirror, it doesn't get fogged up because I used this plenty of time.  I have a video below.

OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber Coupon Deal

I received #omnigreenlabs for free for my honest Review.

I have a video below,It is a product that will help you used the bathroom or anyone who suffered from constipation. Works well on me :)

NYB Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

I received #NewYorkBiology for free for my honest Review.

This massaging oil is very comfortable, give that feeling that you love and help heal your skin to smooth again with no bumps that are cellulitis . I recommend because you will see the differences.

3000K PAR20 LED Light Bulb, 1 pack

I received #Luminwiz for free for my honest Review.

A great size of light and it bright but in a calming way. I have a video to show you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Instalash - One-Step 3D Fiber Mascara

I received #Instalash for free for my honest review. 

This is a wonderful product that brings the best in your eye shine out. The lashes are wonderful because my lashes looks fully and long.

I recommend because you can where it any time and easy to clean.

50 pcs Hot Melt Glue Sticks for Mini Glue Gun

I received #GlueSticks for free for my honest review. 

It comes with 50 glue sticks and long. It works really well and it will last long.

Once it's on the glue gun and the glue is hot. Don't have no children near it . The glue will come out of your skin but it hot and hurts. 

Glue is good for DYI DIY I ain't sure the sing but it good for home made projects or anything else . 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cocktail Shaker Premium Set by SHIKSHOOK

I received #SHIKSHOOK for free for my honest review.

It have a ebook that you can have on your device to download and it's free. It will show you how yo use it and make your own drinks . 

you will love it when companies are over and you can make the best drinks . 

I recommend for those special occassions and just for fun. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Women Corset Black Large for Waist 28''-30''

I received #corset for free for my honest review.

I am in love with this corset . Way better then girdles .. I have tired many but this one is my best because it does grab and stick in your fat . Wear this 5 to 6 hours a day will work plus doing exercises and eating healthy. 

My waist line was 41' went down two inches 39' because I had help putting this on . The waist for this for 28-30' inches.

Let me tell you my experiences . 

I wear this every day , 5 hours or 6 hours a day after my exercise of 1 hour a day and eating healthy. 

Does the job, my waist is slowly going back to it side and my stomach after birth of my two kids. 

Thanks for the wonderful product, Yes I will buy more from the company. 

SilverLuxe Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

I received #silverluxe for free for my honest review.

Comes with Two Pairs of sets . Silver and Gold , comfortable to wear, and sometimes I forget I have it on .. 

Love that it stays in place and doesn't move or get loose. I recommend because this is a great gift for you or someone else. Two pairs for a great price , that's a great way :) .

Premium Mattress Protector 100% Waterproof

I received  #mattressprotector for free for my honest review.

It very soft, easy to put on, clean perfect and protect from those unwanted bugs. 
 I have a king size that fits perfect.  I love that it protects and doesn't bother my skin . 

I recommend this great company with their great products.
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

2 Pairs Long Arm&Leg Sleeves Kit

I received #JeeMax for free for my honest review

It comes in a pair , two for your arm (1 pair) , 2 for your legs (1 pair) and it is very comfortable . 

Doesn't bother the skin , smooth feeling and feel as you got nothing on.