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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Purse

I received #embassy for free for my honest review . 
I like that it have a great space for things like paper work, wallet, keys, phone and pad's . 

The shoulder strap is a great size and it has a clip on the side. 
I have a video below about the purse :) . 

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INNX Canine Sofa cover Quilted Microfiber/Suede fabric for pets,like canine cats, and even for your kids, Anti Slip design Slipcovers ( sofa protector Size 69" L74" W, Tan color)

I received #innxproducts for free for my honest review. 

Very soft feeling to it, comfortable and can make you knock out. .
You can sit on it for a while and your booty won't hurt. 
It is great because you can take it off to washed it . If there's a stain or anything that need to be taken out during a washed. 
I like that it is easy to put on and just comfortable.

iHome Mag Folio-Swivel Folio Case with Magnetic Cover for iPad Air - Retail Packaging - Navy/Blue

I received #iHome for free for my honest review. 
This is a great product, the cover it has a nice feeling to it 
and it is like a 2 in one case. 

I like that I can take it out of the cover but it still has a case on it. 
Perfect fit on my Ipad air and everything is design perfect. 
I like that i can take it anywhere with me because it looks like a book lol 

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kiddey Kids Play Tent - Indoor / Outdoor Children Play Tent - Easy Setup With Pop Up Technology, Safe and Sturdy - (BALLS NOT INCLUDED) By Kiddey™

I received #KidsPlayTent for free for my honest review. Great tent to put all the toys or balls inside for the kids to be entertained for a while. I like that it is very breathable and you know where the kids are at and I have two video plus picutre. 
One showing how to close it and the other one showing the tent.

Rally Up

I received #rallyup for free for my honest review. I posted picture plus a video talking about the game. It is a great game to teach your kids about pace, speed, learning and so much more fun.

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SEXYWG Neoprene Sauna Suit - Adjustable Shaper Trainer Belt Sauna Tank Top

I received #sexywg for free for my honest reVIEW . this is a great product that makes you sweat during exercises. Let me tell you how you sweat so fast during a 40-minute exercises will make you sweat with this. I tested it out and love the material that is very strong and comfortable.  I got a extra large when I wear a large in shirt. it is comfortable and easy to use.

Kate Kasin®Slim Fit Knee Length Women Stretchy Comfortable Pencil Skirt KK268

I received #KateKasin for free for my honest review. The zipper is on the side, and it is very very comfortable to move around. It is great for interview, job professional and date or etc. I love that the material is very strong and it is easy to put up :) .

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Organic Jersey Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets, 2 pack

I received #MyLittleNorthStar for free for my honest review. I like how soft it is and feels comfortable for the baby to laid on it. i love that the material is very great and you can tell it's no cheap materials.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Car Back Organizer

I received #CarBackOrganizer for free for my honest review.

Great to put bottles or a great close plate that you want to keep it warm or cold.
This is great for the back of your car seat and it holds great.

I like it because you can put tissues inside of it to . #recommend #sponsored.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

I received #Brieftons for free for my honest review. 

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This is a great product that I recommend because it cut the vegetables in all type of styles . Easy to use and fast way to get dinner, lunch, or any meal or snack done with this.
I love that it comes with all the pieces to make it's cut .

MICRORANGE Universal Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Case Travel Portable Carry on Bag for Various USB Phone Computer iPad Charger Power Bank

i received #UniversalCableOrganizer for free for my

 honest review. 

I love how this bag holds a lot of wires, less space

 around the house, zip up as well, small but great sizes 

of bag and it just perfect. I recommend this bag because 

you can 

carried it anywhere you like.

Best Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber and Air Purifier By Sagano - Effective Refrigerator and Closet Deodorizer - Removes Unwanted Odor - Prevents Mold and Bacteria - Lasts up to Two Years

 I received #saganofresh for free for my honest review. 
Great small box that takes odor and makes the air refreshing. 
It is great for anywhere including the refrigerator . 
It works so well that I honestly don't smell anything in my refrigerator anymore.

Baisqi Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

I received #Baisiqi1204 for free for my honest review. 

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The Material is very silk feeling, and comfortable to wear. 
It feels as if you aren't wearing anything with this . 
Great because the zipper doesn't bother as well. 
I love this product.

Baisqi Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Thursday, September 15, 2016

CoolingTech 18-Ounce Flip Top Plastic Water Bottle

I received #waterbottle for my honest review. click to buy

This is a wonderful sizes of bottle, and the amount that holds . I love that it secure top, doesn't dripped and have a secured handle.
This is a great bottle when you do work out, on the go, to work or school , or just to have with you . I love that it is easy to clean and have that silk feeling to the bottle.

This bottle are also great for kids because they can just walked around with it on their wrist.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cool Comfort Shapewear Top Seamless Firm Control Tank for Women

I received #Shaper for free for my honest review. 

vERY comfortable, Get your right size and it supposed to fit as tight to stuck your fat inside. 
Washed in gentle . 
Easy to put on and off. 
Doesn't irritate the skin . 
silk feeling to it. 
video below

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nestle Splash

I received #NestleSplashOfFun for free for my honest review. 
Thanks to @NestleSplash @influenster 
For allowing me to tested this wonderful product out with my kids. 
My kids loves the beach ball and the sunglasses . 
The water is amazing great. I got the wild berry nestle splash. 
It is a different  tasted and flavor for me but I love it. LOVE that it tasted just like the berries. I recommend to tried because if you don't like water tasted. This be a great flavors to have when you want to drink some water :) . 

Vacuum thermos Lunch Box Container Jar - 58oz

I received #foodthermos for free for my honest review . 
What  A great product?!! . 
It is so great that you can enjoy going outside and don't have to worry about food or snack . 
This is a great way to store some rice, chicken , salad and so forth . 
To take it with you for your job, children school lunch or trip, doctor appointments, walking and list goes on . 

You will enjoy it because it is easy to clean , lightweight and it sure keeps the food warm . 

I love this product because it come with one hug container then inside the containters are three mores but smaller sizes and two thermal bags. 

I recommend because you can enjoy your food or snack on a long day.

L'oreal make up

I got the #Lorealmakeup vox box for free for my honest review. 

Came with primer and original eyelash mascara.
Two shadows plus an eyeshadow kit.
Eyeliner as well.

The joy to test out these wonderful eye shadows, eye liner and mascara makeup are amazing. 
Each one has it's own unique looks and bring out the glow that you want from your eyes. 
I love the eyeshadow comes with a mirror and twister . 

L'oreal is one of the most popular and best brand that you can depend on . 
They been out for years and make a lot of products that are amazingly great. 

I love that it isn't messy but just right . 

I recommend because I trust the brand, their products are animal free, and they make sure your beauty is important to you .