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Monday, November 28, 2016

Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge 4

I choose this picture below as my family event . 
We always going to theme parks together as a group. 
Enjoying our time together. 
We LOVE  to take rides together because we love the reaction of others. 

This is part of many of us. 
I choose this picture because it was in the fall time .We left new york to travel to Florida as a group. We love the weather and theme parks that they have to offered. 

On this ride, my family didn't expect what will happen next. I love the way they scream  and holding on because they think they going fly off.

We all tried to dress similar or close to it. 
We feel dressing a lot is easier to find each other or people know we are groups. 

I love every moment spending time with my family because we all have different personality but we have one thing in common that is love. 
We love to see each other happy. 
We love to have fun.
We love to get together and learn about each other. 
We love exploring different things . 

We love dressing up in different fashions.

Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge3

 During the fall we love to go Apple Picking in Pennsylvania. 

It is a large field full of pumpkins and apples of all flavor.
I never knew there is difference type of apples . 
I always knew there is a Red or Green apple. 
I never knew their different flavor of the apples or named.

Go to this link > List of different apples to learn more about the 25 different apples
In this picture is the apples that you grab from the tree . Doesn't matter how much you can get but you can have that great experiences of feeling what farmers do in their daily lives.

This is my family ahead of me  during our Apple picking. 
We love to go because we love to make applesauce for the babies / kids in the family. 

We enjoy learning the different apples that they teach us while we were there. 
We pick our own apples, and we are surprised when there are different size of apples. 

I choose to blog about Apple picking because I love to learn many things that are new . 
I love that we gather as a family and enjoy each other company. 
I love that apple picking, we can get a good amount of apple for a cheap price. 
We enjoy the ride from Pennsylvania to New York . 

In apple picking, you just don't learn about apples but you learn about other things besides apples. 
It depends on where you go , they will teach you how Amish lives and why they lived the ways they do . 
You learn about pumpkins and so much more. 

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Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge2

Usually, in the fall it snows. This is last year snow but I still use the same fashion outfit for my daughter this year. 
I have a two piece snowsuit on her, gloves, high snow boat, gloves and a scarf on her. 

I feel kids needs to be  dress warm during the fall time. 
I live in the city that they called Big Apple , New York City. 
The weather here is crazy because it can snow one minute and cold.
Then the next it is hot. 
The fashion for fall is usually the high boot or sneakers with a light coat  and with some jeans inside the boat in 2016. 

I do not have a tree by my way . It just houses and the sky. 
I ask my family member to drive me on the FDR drive (highway in new york city) to take some pictures. Tried to capture a tree that symbolizes fall. This is one sample of how fall is in New york city. The trees leaf usually fall around October time. The tree is empty until April or May comes. 

I choose this tree because it gives life. 

What do I mean that it gives life?

It gives you the beauty around it, the sky as blue as the ocean , and the background of buildings that people lived or work in. This tree gives the meaning of fall because it is empty with no leaf but it is standing strong for everyone to see. 

Whether the season's changes, you can still have that blessing of life that bring out the best when everything falling apart.

The fashion in fall is everything because we can either wear coat or sweater. Boots or sneakers, jeans or dresses and fall weather will make everything looks so beautiful.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #Challenge1

Challenge 1:
In fall we have the Holiday of Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is what we celebrate with our loved ones and close ones. 
Some like to spend time with their friends, or family or alone. That's normal.

What Am I thankful for ?

Is having families and friends that love me for who I am . 
My children and husband that keep a smile on my face but the warmth in my heart.
I am thankful for another blessing day . 
I am thankful for the gift of life and the food we are going to eat. 
& I am thankful that you apart of my life.

What are you Thankful for?

Being thankful is a blessing of life and everything around. 

Here is my Turkey Recipe. !

<I did food shopping and they gave me a free turkey at shoprite>

  • First,  leave the turkey out two days before so that it can defrost. 
  • Second, washed the turkey real good .
  • Then put Vinegar to kill the germ . 
  • Then put Adobe and Oregano to give tasted . 
  • Put holes on the turkey everywhere and put the season inside of it. 
  • Then put Adobe and Oregano all over the turkey. 
  • Then leave it overnight to get cook. 
  • 350 degree's on the stove 
  • aluminum foil on top of it while it is in the oven 
  • Leave the foil for 45 minutes 
  • take it out then put the juice all over the turkey while it is in the oven 
  • Then make sure to keep checking it and juice it over and over .

Read more below.
We didn't put stuffin this year but you can do that for yours.
 This is how it looks when season with Oregano and adobe.

Then it will look like this when it is done. The picture below . 
You can either put it on a display to take a picture or cut it into pieces. 

After it is a cook. We cut it for everyone to enjoy the turkey.

Thanksgiving is the time where your loved ones can have a gratefulness between everyone.Thank the lord for his blessings. 
Spending time with my love one is very special to me because even though they drive me crazy. We always stick together and help around the holidays. 

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Weight Watchers: The Ultimate Weight Loss Cookbook with 45 Approved Recipes - Smart Guide to Lose Weight (Points, Plan, Rapid, Cookbook)

#ebookWW is a great way to lose weight and gives you the good recipes. I have a video of the book. I agree that this works best and keep eating this way . You will have a healthy fit life.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Orgalif Heavy Duty Folding Step Stool with Anti Slip Dots & Strong Support Step Ladder for Adults and Kids (Black)

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#Orgalif this is a great product because it hold's great weight and it is a great to seat on it as well. Easy to fold, and put it anywhere because it doesn't take up space. I love that I can also take it with me anywhere because it is also travelable.

Orgalif Heavy Duty Folding Step Stool with Anti Slip Dots & Strong Support Step Ladder for Adults and Kids (White)

#Orgalif IS A very easy stool that you can close, hold's great on body weight and I also have my toddler to seat on it . I love that it can close easily and place anywhere and doesn't take up space. I have a video above, shows a great way . thanks you 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island

#stillwell is a great book where you can understand and feel what the character is going through. I know the feeling of losing someone to cancer and it is a hard feeling. It a spooky but love story type of book because  you can see what the books is about. I won't spoiled the book for you but you will get into it .

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Friday, November 11, 2016

First and Only by Olivia Howe EBOOK

#FirstAndOnly great book, when friends find each other and sparks comes up :) whoa! 

I don't like the spoiled book for the readers, but this is a great book. In the beginning, it takes you to a place where you just want to continue reading and wants to know what happening at the end. 

It's very interesting and the author does some very great book. 

I like that she went after her dream's but getting stuck as a writer is hardest knowing the editor don't like her work. Then came a blessing !! get the book and you will love it.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Flip-paperback

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This is a great book #theFlip because it gives you an idea what going on. I like that it gives a twisted on what he discovered when he was trying to make the house resellable. The author gave me a bouns book with it . A great author who make his reader keep interested in the book. Keep you wondering what happened. I like that this can be a game changer for both.#NOT GOING SPOILED THE BOOK BUT HEY GIVE IT A CHANCE. THANK YOU

Friday, November 4, 2016

Killer By Olivia Howe

#KillerByOliviaHowe is a great book. Very very details, make you feel what the character is feeling. Gives you that thrilling feeling and make you wonder what happening next. The book make you think like why the person feels the way they feel when they kill someone. This book gives that examples.

Not going spoiled it for you but you can click to buy

Dragon's Guide to Slaying Virgins (Otherworld Realms Book 3)

#DragonsGuidetoSlayingVirgins is a great book because it gives you an idea of what is going on . I like how she would die for her love even though she a virgin. That tells you a lot about her personality. That love is more important and she willing to be with her love. 
Even though the people in her town are depending on her because she killed a troll family. 
I don't want to spoiled the story but great book.