Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge 4

I choose this picture below as my family event . 
We always going to theme parks together as a group. 
Enjoying our time together. 
We LOVE  to take rides together because we love the reaction of others. 

This is part of many of us. 
I choose this picture because it was in the fall time .We left new york to travel to Florida as a group. We love the weather and theme parks that they have to offered. 

On this ride, my family didn't expect what will happen next. I love the way they scream  and holding on because they think they going fly off.

We all tried to dress similar or close to it. 
We feel dressing a lot is easier to find each other or people know we are groups. 

I love every moment spending time with my family because we all have different personality but we have one thing in common that is love. 
We love to see each other happy. 
We love to have fun.
We love to get together and learn about each other. 
We love exploring different things . 

We love dressing up in different fashions.