Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #Challenge1

Challenge 1:
In fall we have the Holiday of Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is what we celebrate with our loved ones and close ones. 
Some like to spend time with their friends, or family or alone. That's normal.

What Am I thankful for ?

Is having families and friends that love me for who I am . 
My children and husband that keep a smile on my face but the warmth in my heart.
I am thankful for another blessing day . 
I am thankful for the gift of life and the food we are going to eat. 
& I am thankful that you apart of my life.

What are you Thankful for?

Being thankful is a blessing of life and everything around. 

Here is my Turkey Recipe. !

<I did food shopping and they gave me a free turkey at shoprite>

  • First,  leave the turkey out two days before so that it can defrost. 
  • Second, washed the turkey real good .
  • Then put Vinegar to kill the germ . 
  • Then put Adobe and Oregano to give tasted . 
  • Put holes on the turkey everywhere and put the season inside of it. 
  • Then put Adobe and Oregano all over the turkey. 
  • Then leave it overnight to get cook. 
  • 350 degree's on the stove 
  • aluminum foil on top of it while it is in the oven 
  • Leave the foil for 45 minutes 
  • take it out then put the juice all over the turkey while it is in the oven 
  • Then make sure to keep checking it and juice it over and over .

Read more below.
We didn't put stuffin this year but you can do that for yours.
 This is how it looks when season with Oregano and adobe.

Then it will look like this when it is done. The picture below . 
You can either put it on a display to take a picture or cut it into pieces. 

After it is a cook. We cut it for everyone to enjoy the turkey.

Thanksgiving is the time where your loved ones can have a gratefulness between everyone.Thank the lord for his blessings. 
Spending time with my love one is very special to me because even though they drive me crazy. We always stick together and help around the holidays. 

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