Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge3

 During the fall we love to go Apple Picking in Pennsylvania. 

It is a large field full of pumpkins and apples of all flavor.
I never knew there is difference type of apples . 
I always knew there is a Red or Green apple. 
I never knew their different flavor of the apples or named.

Go to this link > List of different apples to learn more about the 25 different apples
In this picture is the apples that you grab from the tree . Doesn't matter how much you can get but you can have that great experiences of feeling what farmers do in their daily lives.

This is my family ahead of me  during our Apple picking. 
We love to go because we love to make applesauce for the babies / kids in the family. 

We enjoy learning the different apples that they teach us while we were there. 
We pick our own apples, and we are surprised when there are different size of apples. 

I choose to blog about Apple picking because I love to learn many things that are new . 
I love that we gather as a family and enjoy each other company. 
I love that apple picking, we can get a good amount of apple for a cheap price. 
We enjoy the ride from Pennsylvania to New York . 

In apple picking, you just don't learn about apples but you learn about other things besides apples. 
It depends on where you go , they will teach you how Amish lives and why they lived the ways they do . 
You learn about pumpkins and so much more. 

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