Social Insiders Fall Snap Challenge 2016 #challenge2

Usually, in the fall it snows. This is last year snow but I still use the same fashion outfit for my daughter this year. 
I have a two piece snowsuit on her, gloves, high snow boat, gloves and a scarf on her. 

I feel kids needs to be  dress warm during the fall time. 
I live in the city that they called Big Apple , New York City. 
The weather here is crazy because it can snow one minute and cold.
Then the next it is hot. 
The fashion for fall is usually the high boot or sneakers with a light coat  and with some jeans inside the boat in 2016. 

I do not have a tree by my way . It just houses and the sky. 
I ask my family member to drive me on the FDR drive (highway in new york city) to take some pictures. Tried to capture a tree that symbolizes fall. This is one sample of how fall is in New york city. The trees leaf usually fall around October time. The tree is empty until April or May comes. 

I choose this tree because it gives life. 

What do I mean that it gives life?

It gives you the beauty around it, the sky as blue as the ocean , and the background of buildings that people lived or work in. This tree gives the meaning of fall because it is empty with no leaf but it is standing strong for everyone to see. 

Whether the season's changes, you can still have that blessing of life that bring out the best when everything falling apart.

The fashion in fall is everything because we can either wear coat or sweater. Boots or sneakers, jeans or dresses and fall weather will make everything looks so beautiful.

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