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Monday, December 12, 2016

Hi-Tech Hijack: An Action , Financial & Medical Thriller (Mystery & Romance Book 1)

This is a great book #HiTechHijack make you feel as if you are the character. I love to read about stories as you are the first character and what they are feeling. Wonderful book and won't spoiled it for you :) 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


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 I love using #xeiccob because I can changes the way the water runs and how the water is worked. It is easy to built, comes with the tape and you can adjust it the ways you love it.  It shouldn't take more then 10 minutes to built. Just removed the old shower head and replace it with this shower head. Instruction included.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Leakproof, 3 Compartment, Bento Lunch Box, Airtight Food Storage Container - Blue

#sunsella is very strong, macrowavable, easy to clean, keeps the air out of the containers,  and holds great.
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Sunsella 3" Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings - 3 Pack

#sunsella love using this because i can put anything, it stayed in the middle and created a circle egg :) buy

Womens Men Knit Winter Stretch Thick Slouch Beanie Hats Chunky Skull Caps

#winterwarmknithatswomenmen warm knitted hat and very thick <3 it buy click to buy

Sunsella Buddy Boxes - 3 Compartment Containers (4 Pack) Reusable Bento Lunch box & Divided Food Storage With Multi Colored Lids (Not Leakproof)

#sunsella 4 Tupperware and colors top . The Very great material , and keep food fresh plus microwavable . buy click to buy

It comes with four tubber wares, strong, leakproof, microwavable, and great sizes to put the food, vegetable and fruits inside. Can take it anywhere with you , to the park , pool, beach or work anywhere.

Insulated Lunch Bag by Sacko Adult Extra Large with Adjustable Shoulder Strap (Black) For Men, Women. Great Lunchbox for Work

#Sacko is a great traveling bag that you can put all your food containers, snacks, drinks and it has an extra two pocket. strap for the arm, handle, and a string to tighten the bag. buy
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I have a video above showing how the bag is. This is good when you go out to doctor appointment, meetings, pool, beach, park and list goes on . This holds a lot, have a strap on and it just great :) .

ORICO 3350mAh Premium Aluminum Ultra Slim Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger / Power Bank / Backup Battery Pack with Flashlight (Gray)

#B01CZMF118 portable charger with flash light to take with you anywhere you go . buy CLICK TO BUY

tHIS IS perfect for anything.
If you going camping, or a long drive, or sleeping over someone house, blackout and list goes on .
This is a great pocket size portable charger and a flashlight combined. works really well and last long to.

Tranquilogy Adult Coloring Books: Calming Animal & Nature Designs for Stress Relief, Inspiration, and Happiness (Volume 1

You ever wanted to have a color book for yourself to enjoy ?

Here is #tranquilogy this is a great book to relax anywhere you want .
Color the ways you want . I recommend this wonderful book because it has different quotes and different imagine.
I love to color and i love this book..

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