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Thursday, December 14, 2017

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays Campaign

Welcome to Hormel Gatherings Party Trays Campaign 

  I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

Delicious snacks for the fun time at #gameday with #hormelgatherings and their #partytrays that is #alreadyready. 

I love #hormel product of #gamedaygathering for the best #party to have as a #appetizer and deal with a  #stressfreeparty . 

A great #partytips to have during the #football game #tailgate . 

Thanks @socialinsiders and @hormelfoods

Here is the list of what is inside : 

Hormel Hard Salami

Hormel Genoa Salami 

Assorted Pitted Olives

Sargento Colby Jack Cheese

Sargento Pepper Jack Cheese

Round Crispy Crackers

There ingredients are very easily to read on the back of the tray. 
I will write some of the ingredients that are inside. 

Ingredients : 

- Enriched flour (Wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, vitamin B1 *Thiamine mono-nitrate*, vitamin B2 *Riboflavin , folic acid*, soybean oil with TBHQ for freshness, sugar , contains 2% or less of salt, corn syrup, leavening *baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono-calcium phosphate*, whey *milk* , soy Lecithin.

Assorted Pitted Olives
Green & black pitted olives, water, red wine vinegar , sea salt, concentrated grapes juice,extra virgin olive oil , spice

Hormel Hard Salami
Beef and pork, salt, contains 2% or less of dextrose, water, spices, garlic powder, lactic acid starter culture, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite ,BHA, BHT, citric acid.

Hormel Genoa Salami 
Pork, beef, salt, contains 2% or less of dextrose, water, spices, lactic acid starter culture, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, garlic powder, BHA , BHT citric acid

Sargento Pepper Jack Cheese
Monterey jack cheese with peppers * pasteurized milk, jalapeno peppers, cheese culture, salt,enzymes* potato starch and powdered cellulos *to prevent caking*, natamycin *a natural mold inhibitorj*

Sargento Colby Jack Cheese
colby cheese *pasteurized milk cheese culture, salt enzymes, annatto *vegetable color* , montery jack cheese *Pasteurized milk cheese culture , salt , enzymes* potato starch and powdered cellulos *to prevent caking* , natamycin *a natural mold inhibitorj.

What are Hormel Gatherings Party Trays ? 

Hormel Gahterings party trays are great for events where you want to host . Especially the football games or anything. They are trays of different varieties of snacks that you can use to host. It time consuming (save time) , stress free, and easy to have for your guest to grab what they like. 

Each salami, cheese, olives and crackers got a wonderful tasted when it is combine  or single eating. 

Below are video, and pictures .

Buy there product below and join their social medias account to get the latest fun of products they have and information. 

We are ready for the fun time with #hormel #gatheringtrays to watch #football game. 

Thank you for visiting my site :) Enjoy 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mamiwata bottle

I love the color of the bottle. Unique color for the bottle. 
I recommend such a wonderful bottle because now I  can have flavor with my water. I have a video below to see and also a buying link below. 

It come with a case click here to see the case looks like. It is great for all kind of fruits and veggies you want in your water. Easy to clean and easy to carry around anywhere you go. 

I like that instead of plan water that I can put anything inside. In my video I put grape to demo show you how to use it. It is leak proof, and no water drips plus I demo that also in the video. 

What make this bottle better then the other bottles?

It can open both side, one side is where you put the fruits and the other side is where you drink from. 

Why I recommend?

I recommend because you can have flavor in your water with natural flavor such as strawberries, orange , kiwi, or veggies or anything you want to have flavor of. 

Can any age use this bottle?
Yes, all ages can use the bottle. 

It is spill proof , handle come with it, case to cover bottle when you want to hold cold drinks.

It is reusable , and you can take it anywhere even to the gym . 

It comes with variety of colors.

It can be a gift to anyone you want to buy this for . 

My experience with Mamiwata Bottle was amazing due to the fact that I can have natural flavor water you can add extra or mix up the fruits inside. 

Such a wonderful bottle.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Lost Art Of Good Conversation by Sakyong Mipham (Blogging For Book)

When I was reading the book t. I realize that it is so true about how sociality are so stuck on technology like we are robots to this whole new world we living in. 

Like we lost all ways on communication and expression of feelings . How we forgot how to communicate properly and that we use technology to get away from reality. 

Sadness it is true.  I do be on the technology a lot when it came out. I also came to a realization before and during this book on how true it technology world blind us from what we truly living for. 

My husband and I when we go out . We rather prepaid phones with no internet on it or at least one of us have internet just in case we need it to get around. We choose that way because we sometimes or I would said 60% on the internet . Either I write my blog as a hobby, surveys to earn money cause I am a stay at home mom of two , social medias for connections with family or friends or sharing , or reading. I read books off the technology to and I teach my kids not to get so stuck on technology.

We can and can't live without technology . One technology got resource we need and communication with those who aren't around us. We can live without technology because we can communicate the proper way with each other. Technology have make us lack intelligent with short forms of words such as (lol) laugh out loud, (gtfooh) get the f**k out of here or any urban talk that is out in which it's a trend now or the future.

Respect are gone because parent not teaching there kids from home to have it . To bring it in school. Cyber bullying is a big issues that kids face now a days that everyone can see and it can be share within second to ruin a young or all ages life. Like things like this technology have ruin our lives. Sad truth . If we changes technology to a more encourage and share things that kids need to see , understand ,changes in a motivational plus positive ways then we can changes the generation.

It all start from technology, at home, and their surrounding. Time to promote all kind of learning to better kids for our future and have them learn to communicate right etc without the technology.

I recommend "The lost art of Good conversation: by Sakyong Mipham" , because it help you learn how to communicate all over again because due to technology we are blind in this world of the reality that we need to face. We need to learn without the technology interfering. We need to know how to connect verbal by face to face and enjoy each other company plus feel each other connection(chemistry between each others). You will enjoy reading the book because it gives you idea's on how to communicate the proper way .

Purchase below

Thank you for visiting
Thank you for letting me view the book. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Habits Of The Heart 365 Daily Exercise For Living Like Jesus By: Katherine J Bulter (Tyndale)

A wonderful positive book that you
Should read in your everyday life. You believe in the Lord ? Jesus will make you feel whole again. Another word each day you read a page in this book. Each day you think, take out what each day want you to take out and bring in Jesus in your life.

I love how small it is, with a bookmark attached to it and each day is a new mission that I called it to changes and better life. 

As I read each day, I feel the positives, and all that burner letting go. I took a page of this book with a picture of an example and I explain what it means to me. For you, it might mean something different to you in a different view and that's fine. 

This picture is the back , it said 

" Guide your heart above all else , for it's determine the course of your life" .

 My opinion is to protect your heart from all odds, teach it things that is impossible to face and feel what life has to offered. Your heart is your gold and your life is your treasure for each it will seek the accomplishment it needs. Everyone has different meanings to that quote and different views.

The book is the size of my hand but the words are readable and understanding.

I going write what's on the book of this page.

January 18th 


(Can anything ever separate us from Christ's love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or I danger, or threatened with death?.. No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ,who loves us. Romans 8:35-37)

"Sometimes it is hard to accept another person's love. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Perhaps  you have been hurt and fear another rejection,one could actually love the  real you.sometimes it is even more difficult to accept God's love.

What hinders you from receiving  this love?


Think about these hindrances and talk to God about each  one. "

These words that are with ()&"" is from the author mouth from her book. I wrote it for you to read it on what it said in the picture below. I will write my view about this page under the picture . 

I choose this page because I had expereinces my Hinders before. I was so afraid of getting hurt by the same guy or by another guy who I gave my all to. I keep repeating the same steps over and over not understanding why.
I, then took a moment to myself and pray to the lord to help guide my ways to better relationship and help me find true love with someone who is different and not the  same as my past. I kept praying and asking for his forgiveness . One day I was at the point of my life that I didn't want no relationship. I wanted to be by myself because I was afraid of getting hurt and I wasn't afraid to love another person . I can give that person all my love but the doubts of giving to the wrong one is the fear that hold's me back and haunt me. 

I was ashamed that life won't give me the guy I want, and that I going continue given my love to wrong people who needed the most but show they don't want it. They constantly lying and cheating. I didn't want to wasted my life on people like that. Then I honestly, pray and went to church once a while. I also changes my way of looking at things and keep being positive. With God/Jesus by my side, and  the transformation that I've been through. I appreciate the lord in every way for blessing me with my own family. Blessing me with two kids of my own plus a stepdaughter that I dearly love and a man who guide me to see the light plus show me I am worth more then I was given. He show me that he's not the same and he prove it by action.

I appreciate that the man I love deeply till this day and so on that God keep blessing our loves to show our children's that their are hope out there to love someone who can love you back with respect, appreciation and so much more even if you argue they won't hurt you. 

You have to take the risks in life, you have to changes for the better if you want a better life and you have to pray to the Lord to forgive all your sins. You have to keep that promise with the lord because it might seem like it's not working. It will work, be positives, be yourself, don't chase but motivate yourself in life, surround yourself with those who are on the same level with you, love yourself before you can love someone else. You have to forgive yourself, forgive those who have hurt you and no revenges. Pray for your enemies, those who have hurt you, abandon you and etc. Forgive them all for the life you want and need to better yourself to see the light and the light will shine on you as if you are the only person in universal.

It depend's on you. 
Faith will guide the way 
God/Jesus by your side
Hope will come to you when you least expected
Forward in life will show so much that you have and need to accomplish 
Believe in yourself, love yourself and everything will fall in place. 

In this book, there are each day satisfies and so much with it . Habit's of heart will changes your life and see things you thought wasn't there but been there in front of you all this time.. 

It doesn't have to be the love to give to others or given to you. You can use this phrase for yourself. When you do , you notice a lot, you become self - aware and you become to love yourself more then ever.

Thank you for visiting.. Order your copy

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Life Giving Table- Sally Clarkson (Tyndale)

 " The Life Giving Table Review ".

The first time I read the book "The life giving table" , the book make you feel as you are apart of their family .. 
 With the lovely feasting dinner full of love, compassion, family that is always together and the bond between them.
While reading through this book, as my thanksgiving day is approaching in the thought of appreciation with my family and sharing it with Jesus is amazing feeling that I can feel from The life giving table.

Relating to books are as important then just reading to read. 
Sally Clarkson the author make you feel as you are apart of her family with Jesus.. 
Her family gather around, share the updates of their lives, share the love that they have as a whole , and the appreciation of having Jesus as their own family it shows a lot about what they apart. 
The love that they have can make you feel. 

As I read more into the lovely book, you can see the heart that Jesus have for his people.How he would clean their feet of "120 dirty men-sally clarkson " . You see he would do anything to make people feel as loving, caring and so much within the heart and soul because of Jesus. 
This is a great book to read because you can feel the love and understanding the love of thanksgiving or any gathering .

I recommend because it grabs your attention as if you don't want to put the book down .The way it makes you feel as you are reading it.. 

You want to read more > buy here  Thank you for visiting :) Happy Holidays.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Welcome To My Barilla Pasta PArty

I join <the site to join< and got choosen to host Barilla <are the link to buy< pasta party. 
I invited my families and friends over to enjoy the great pasta with me . 
They love the Tupperware that comes with the fork and knife.
Easy to clean when the pasta is inside that's A+ in our experiences.

#Tryazon #ReadyPasta 

We love the delicious pasta of Rotini, Penne, Gemelli, Elbows with some delicious sauce from Barilla.

 They all enjoy the tasted, love that it is 1 minutes microwavable noodles and that they can enjoy the fun of pasta. 

Thank you for choosing us to have this great time.  The sauce are just perfect and the noodle are soft as it should be and easily to break it to move around. There no hard noodles inside but softness. Delicious . 

highly recommend because you can take this to work , school, at home when you want something quick to eat, park, beach, traveling, road trip, and list goes on . 

Where the party is at ?!!! Barilla is there to rescue . People will enjoy it. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Women's Full-Zip Polar Sport Fall Winter Spring Fleece Jacket


What appealing to my eyes about  #womenfleecejackets ?

First, I needed a sweater and I needed a sweater that can keep me warm in the fall weather that's coming. I decided to get it looks very warm in my eyes. I notice that it has pockets, neck cover and it is fleece. 

Why I bought it ?

I was curious about the way it is . 

When I received the product?

I decide to wear it in the new york city night time weather that is chilly , cold breeze type of weather that it sometimes make you feel like you need a coat. 
I wear this lovely fleece jacket outside, and I was in shock that I didn't feel the coldness trying to fight itself inside. 
I was warm the whole night , and I love that I can cover my neck to block the coldness trying to enter. 

What I love about this fleece jacket?

Warmness is truthful, the adjustable on my the side at the bottom to block the cold from going up, the 4 pockets it have ( 2 long but great length pockets inside, and two hand size on the outside with a zipper). 

Why would I recommend "Woman's full-zip polar sport fall winter spring fleece jacket" to you all?

1- It is very warm even with the breeze . You stay warm.
2- 4 pockets 
3- zipper that cover your neck 
4- adjustable on the side 
5- comfortable to wear 
6- great to wear just the jacket or have it under your coat for that extra warmness. 
7- the price is perfect

Thank you for visiting  I just love the warmness it is . 

Purchase link below

Women's Full-Zip Polar Sport Fall Winter Spring Fleece Jacke


What appealing to my eyes about  #womenfleecejackets ?

First, I needed a sweater and I needed a sweater that can keep me warm in the fall weather that's coming. I decided to get it looks very warm in my eyes. I notice that it has pockets, neck cover and it is fleece. 

Why I bought it ?

I was curious about the way it is . 

When I received the product?

I decide to wear it in the new york city night time weather that is chilly , cold breeze type of weather that it sometimes make you feel like you need a coat. 
I wear this lovely fleece jacket outside, and I was in shock that I didn't feel the coldness trying to fight itself inside. 
I was warm the whole night , and I love that I can cover my neck to block the coldness trying to enter. 

What I love about this fleece jacket?

Warmness is truthful, the adjustable on my the side at the bottom to block the cold from going up, the 4 pockets it have ( 2 long but great length pockets inside, and two hand size on the outside with a zipper). 

Why would I recommend "Woman's full-zip polar sport fall winter spring fleece jacket" to you all?

1- It is very warm even with the breeze . You stay warm.
2- 4 pockets 
3- zipper that cover your neck 
4- adjustable on the side 
5- comfortable to wear 
6- great to wear just the jacket or have it under your coat for that extra warmness. 
7- the price is perfect

Thank you for visiting  I just love the warmness it is . 

Purchase link below

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reclining/Lounging camping folding chair with headrest and footrest (Standard size Blue )


I received a #recliningcampingchair that is very comfortable to seat down on a hot day . 

On the beach or the park or just around the house or at a concert , BBQ events, and the list goes on . 
You can use this Reclining as a regular chair . 
It can be unscrew  to have it as regular chair . 
You can use it as a lounging / reclining chair as well . 
The back part can go back by using your hands to pull the bar up or your body by pushing it back. 
You can rest your legs up or have it on the floor . 
The chair have two cups holder, a side pocket patch that you can place anything in it. 
Pocket have a big one, two middle side and also this lovely chair comes with a pillow that you can attached it to the chair..  
It comes with a bag that you can use to place the chair inside and you can carry it with a stripped that is attached to the bag. 
The chair also have a strap that you can use to keep the chair together and don' have to worry it will re-open again when you try to put it away.

The chair isn't heavy in my experiences and great to store it anywhere you love without it taken space. 

This is great for the beach because you can lay back on however you like . Your stomach or your back and get that beautiful tan you be looking for. The sand will go right through it and it isn't hard to clean off. The material is very comfortable , doesn't bother at all, and the 
chair is well build because the poles are strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs . 

Why do I like this chair a lot?

I like that it is a reclining/lounging chair that no other company's have made a chair that is portable to take anywhere with you and lightweight.

Why I recommend ?

I recommend because you can travel anywhere, relax as if you on your own bed, you can use it as a regular chair or gaming chair or a movie chair or beach chair or whatever you like and it is easy to open and close.
It doesn't take up space, material is comfortable, the pole is strong, their storages and pillow that comes attached to the chair (never seen that on others).

Thank you for visiting . Highly appreciate :) 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi , Tyndale books

My first reaction to "Fire Road" by Kim Phuc Phan Thi, is " Wow, you can feel her pain".
When you read the book you feel as you are the character in the books. The book is very detailed. You know every steps of her life. The ways the soldiers separate them from each other. Kept her dad with them while she haven't seen him in a while.
Then they had to move from the location they was at. They are the people, families she stood with as a little girl and then they had to move cause of bombs everywhere. While everyone is running and she stood in the storm of dust. Her skin was in pain, peal off and I feel her pain because the pain she going through is to much but she seem like a strong female who can handle it even though it's overwhelming.
Napalsm is the chemical from the bomb that I read on the book that destroyed her skin. They thought she was dead as she woke up in the morgue . Her uncle, and family finally find her and took care of her. 

Great book that I recommend because as you reading you feel as you are the character and you are understanding what she going through plus her pains.

Click here to buy

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Samples from crowd tap. unilver products

This is a draft for now.

I received these lovely products. The suave shampoo and conditioner are wonderful that it makes my hair feels soft and healthy.

Suave lotions is very advance therapy that does a wonderful job on dry skin

Suave coconut deodorant that makes my armpit feel comfortable, don't damage clothes and don't leave residual on your skin.

Dove soap makes my skin feels Making soft and great.

Affresh cleaning products

This is a draft will update it very soon.

These are great cleaning product that I recommend you actually see it working . You can see the dirt and the after math of cleaning product , stink and so much more.

Splenda sugar

The best healthy sugar I would recommend because it gives that flavor that you can enjoyed. I like that they also make liquid sugar. Let me talk about the sugar pack that I got.

Is a great size of sample. I like the calories is way less then other sugar. It gives my drink that sweet tasted but comfort drink.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Unilver products (Crowdtap)

I received these lovely samples from Dove, and Tresemme for my honest review. 

Tresemme Shampoo & condition for damage hair (sample picture below of me after washing my hair with the product) .
Shampoo feeling is not sticky but make your hair foam in bubbles that make your hair feel so clean when you scrubbing to washing it. 
Conditioner gives my hair that soft, relax, healthy feeling that I have been looking for . 
Other product just make my hair worst especially when I dye my hair . 
Tresemme products that I received gives my hair volume, strength, life, healthy and softness to the fullest.

My review for the 
Dry Spray from Dove (go fresh-revive) is very amazing to me because it look like there nothing on my armpits. The scent is amazing, the product don't damage your clothes, and it last long. The size of the bottle is amazing great and I love that.  The ingredients are on the bottle. I love that it smell just like the fruit on the display picture. 

Dove advance care for sensitive skin is a great product for me because I hate using deodorant that make my armpit so itchy and its annoying. This product definitely don't make me feel that way and that's what I love about it . I love that it last long, great on my skin and make me feels amazing. The ingredients are on the bottle .

(Update later for the links)


Thank You for visiting :) , more to come. Thank you CrowdTap , Dove and Tresemme for a great opportunity to test out your product. (Would love to work more with you :) ) I share on my social media's account as well.. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Loreal Paris pro matte liquid lipstick


I got this lovely two set lipstick that from loreal Paris . #promatteliquidlipstick for free for my honest experiences. I love that it is soft and not a mess. Easy to clean and last long plus none sticky. Here you can join Join Influensters

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seventh Generation Wipes Reviews


I received a sample wipes from seventh generation.
Seventh Generation is a company that sells baby product such as wipe, diapers etc. Kitchen cleaning product as well house cleAning plus so much more.
#generationgood #ad
I have been with seventh generation testing for a long time. My overall review of the store themselves is amazing.
Hopefully they got retail store that people can walk into and enjoy.

They create this site for you to test the products they got available to give to you to test out with your honest experience.

I am here to talk about the seventh generation wipes for babies that they gave me a sample of.

First, when you open up the packages it is very moist . That's perfect because you need moist to clean your baby and make the baby feel fresh.

Second, you can feel the strength of the wipes compare to many wipes I try out that keep breaking.

Third, all seventh generation products including wipes, and diapers etc are healthy , health as well organic products .

Below is my test picture and a link to join to learn a lot about seventh generation . A great site to learn about natural and what's best for your family.

Thank you

Join seventh Generation Tester

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Welcome To Exploring New

I would like to Thank you for visiting my site first and foremost. 

My site is about Exploring New products that are out or coming out or have been out.

My experiences to the products with my reviews about the product including 

Video's and Picture's.

I will write reviews about site's . 

I will post links on to purchased item's .

I will post links to sites that need help for reviews ( Some People Consider these site the free/discount/ paid blogger's as well influencer ). 

I consider those sites like Tomoson (< Click on the name to send yourself to the page), to be apart of a community where I can gain a bond with sellers . 

To express my honest (100% honest) experiences with their product because it is very IMPORTANT to them that they get your honest feedback about their products.

I feel many people like to get free products or discounts products or get paid product just to get but won't give their honest opinion. Some people will sell these products , if you see anyone selling these companies product without their consent . Please let the site as well the company knows about this because if it's not a legal site like etc and it's people themselves doing it without a license nor approval for the company. They need to get reported because they are messing things up for those who are actually being honest with the companies and site about the products reviews.

Once again my site will have a lot of reviews about products and links to different's sites plus earning cash site . 

Thank You so much.

Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island Ebook

#stillwell is a great book where you can understand and feel what the character is going through. I know the feeling of losing someone to cancer and it is a hard feeling. It a spooky but love story type of book because  you can see what the books is about. I won't spoiled the book for you but you will get into it .

click to buy

Purex Plus Clorox 2

I am in Social Insiders site and I have received a welcome kit of #PurexPlusClorox2 #Sponsored for free for my honest experiences to share with you all . 

Plus giving away coupons to lucky winners to get a full size of Purex. & Congrat's to the winners  

My first thought when it came, I was surprised the size and second I needed detergent lol . Thanks to social insiders and Purex for the great chance to show what a great product it is. 

Add caption

Purex gives that Bright clean, smart value, stain fighters, safe colors to your clothing and it also includes Purex Clorox 2 . 

Yes , Clorox to make that stain come out but also make your clothing in all colors looks amazing brand new feeling to it. 

This is my before picture of my son shirt . The toughest stain to get out is baby food because it keeps on spilling even with the bib on . When the baby moves the bib away , and the food accidentally spilled onto the shirt . Can be the toughest stain to get out . 

_________Before using Purex______________

_________________After using Purex_______________

This is my after washed and as you can see it is cleaner than before. The scent is amazingly great. I love that it took the toughest baby stain out of my son shirt . I love that it also make that soft feeling to it as well :). 

Thank you for reading and visiting :) . 

The Purex® brand provided me with a sample of Purex® plus Clorox 2® detergent in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own