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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder Locator - 4.0 For Pets, Kids, Bag, Car Keys, Mobile phone, Wallet, Key Anti-lost Finder - Smart & Easy Slim Tracker

I am the type of person who keep on losing my stuff like my keys or wallet . 
I am glad that I got #smartkeyfinder . 
Works Great! . 
I love that you can download an app that shows you if you close or far from your keys or any product that you have this next to. 
It comes with an extra battery and that's great. 
This wonderful key finder is small, doesn't have weight nor get in your way .
It comes with instruction's on how to use it and what app to used. The app named is Thingoo  , offered by shenzhen Yunli- Wuli network co.,Ltd , you can find the app faster. It has over 500+ downloads that pretty great  and only take as low memory of 6.27mb . 

I love that it help me a lot especially having toddlers who always take my keys and misplaced them . I misplaced my wallet after a long day. 
Keep your bluetooth on and make sure it is connected. You can tell because the app will let you know. There will be a light that will indicted that the device is connected. 

You can buy this wonderful product here >#smartkeyfinder

Bourchard Chocolate - Cheesecake bites

I love the flavors that are with these cheesecake bites. You can also add my instagram 7shinestar as well. i will also show you the best product that I received from bouchard company.

The flavor that came inside the box are:

Dulce de lecha - tasted delicious it gives you that flavor of chocolate you want more.

Strawberry - Taste just like the strawberry cheesecake when you get from the factory /home made. My favorite one because I love strawberry with cheesecake and I crave for more.

Chocolate Fudge - Taste exactly like the fudge. I like that it gives you that melt feeling when you eating it.

I recommend Bouchard company because they make great tasty food that can make you crave for more. You can buy on their site by click here  > #BouchardChocolate

I recommend Bouchard because they make sure that your chocolate come in as they planned it. They put ice inside the box so the chocolate or any product that you order from them doesn't melt. The box is very secure, doesn't come wet because the ice is inside a plastic zip locked bag that doesn't spilled and the chocolate is frozen still. I was amazed on how they did it but I love that it came quick. Thank you.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Maybelline voxbox

I love my new


It's a great box with the newest products of maybelline mascara and eye liner.

I recommend there product because they are great.

(Will write more )