8-Bit 2.5" Color LCD Retro Portable Handheld Game Console built in 162 games with Speaker Campaign

I love this small device because it fit in the palm of my hand . It is very light, easy to put inside the pocket , easy to play with at night or day time or anywhere you love to played it at to keep you entertain . 

You have 
-mario games
-contra games
-pac man 
and so much more . 
The video below will show you the games they have install inside. 
There no software download or anything like that . 
Just purchased it and play on the go or at comfort of your own home. 

What I love the most about this? 

Is the power button , pause, the amount of games inside, the color picking and playing till you can't anymore :) . 

I highly recommend this wonderful company and this wonderful 162 games in 1 . 

Thank you for visiting . Below are the link to purchase and video ! Enjoy :)