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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action! SMILEY360 #SmileyVideoStar #freesample

I love to do product reviews with my real honest experiences with the products for exchanged for free full size products. I recommend such a great company to work with because you work with the real company by giving your experiences and letting them con's to pro's about the products. I have my fair share of products and share wonderful experiences with everyone I know by letting them test it out as well. I love to test all sort of products including food, cosmetics, toys, children's stuff, woman's stuff and let my husband try out the men stuff. So much fun being apart of a great team that you can share so much more with them. I have a video above and a link to join below. Enjoy it :) Thank you for visiting.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Great night lamp for toddlers and babies. You can charge it during the day.  Unplug it at night, travel able with light on and it will work even if it's unplug. My kids use this everyday and they not scare of the dark anymore cause they can hold it at night to keep them safe. 
 It came with post cards that you can use and send it out to families, friends or etc. The nightlight came with a toy for the baby to place with and looks just like the nightlight. I like that it have different settings to change the light and it last a long time to turn off. Very simple to use it and easy to understand it. 
Great for kids that are afraid of the dark and always get nightmare make them feels very comforting.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Natrogix Bliss - Top 9 Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Set w/ Free E-Book



The scent are -

Lavender >

 is use for anxiety, stress, sleep easier.

 Eucaluptus >

 is use for relieves exhaustion, enhance creativity, relieves pain, and heals.
Great for stream shower to breathe  to feel calm and refreshing


 is use for sense of peace and decorum (holy oil)


Clear fog, effortless focus, concentration naturally brings you back to center and eliminates fatigue, drifting thoughts, awaken your senses , and enhance your performance.

( I am getting the information from the booklet that came with it about each scent.)


clean, crisp, energizing perfect for massage oils , natural skin care, provides a pleasant astringency with massage oils and natural skin care. Diffuser bring the sun cleanliness, purifying comfort, wake up sense of lemongrass and perfect way to begin your day..


Marvelously bright , exceptionally fragrant, purifying oil with endless benefits, feel enlivened , euphoric, change your outlook, cleanse your surroundings, turn your day around with the power of lemon. 

Sweet Orange>

take you back to pleasant memories of mellow brunches, holidays , family picnics, simple, quenching refreshment, simply uplifting, feel quiet confidence and joy that others can't help but notice.

Tea Tree>

powerful medicinal aroma only hints at unique benefits, famous around the world for its miraculous health benefits, work wonders on skin problems , many ailments, added to cosmetics ( in which I didn't knew that , thanks for the educated), ointments, work with your body to unleash powerful natural healing.


invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, perfect oil for long study sessions or long distance drives, regarded as the herb of remembrance moroccan, supportive of cognition, memory and peak performance is yours.

Great way to use for 

clothes (Laundry freshener , for washing machine)
Health (stress relief, muscle pain relief, sinus care)
Home (air freshener, re-fresshen dishcloths,remove gum, grease, and crayon marks)
mood (tension easing blend for diffuser, relief for fatigue diffuser) 
skin care (dandruff eliminator,keep and promote healthy skin) 
beauty (diy facial toner, acne go away) 

My experience with the Essential oils are wonderful with my diffuser because I can see as well smell the peppermint (first one I try out of nine ) . It wasn't strong, and doesn't bother me nor give me a headache or allergies. It actually make me feel refreshing, breathe better and it make my room smell like peppermint . I recommend this wonderful products because it has a build in dripper so you don't overdo it. 

Great for relaxing, gifts and list goes on. I recommend this wonderful Natrogix bliss .

Saturday, August 5, 2017

HOMEE Floral Scented Bath Soap Rose Flower Guest Soap shaped Petals (Pink)

I love the ways they smell, and look amazing like a rose. I love the packages as well and comes with 18 rose in them.
They are great to have in the bathtub when you taken a bath . The smell stays on the skin and it's like wearing a perfume.

The layers of these rose are beautiful shaped and they make the bathroom smells beautifully. I like how they make the box looks amazing great with the bow on the edge to give as a gift or special events. These are great for wedding gifts for the guests . These are great for giveaways and they are wonderful to have around the house when you finish up with the soap. The scent isn't a powerful scent but it does last long on your body and make you feel extremely fresh. I like that it does come in other colors and the pink color are cute. I like that it comes with a great amount that you can also shared with others .
Great for gifting and great for romantic date or surprise engagement .

I love the color, the way it feels against my skin make it feels amazing soft.


I love the size of the roses in my palm of my hand and that you can decorate the bathtub with them. They are easy to use and easy to take off . The scent is like a feminine perfume that you can wear everyday. This is great for a christmas gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, thought gift and list goes on. I recommend because it came quick, secure packed and I love the style of the box plus the flowers.

I like that the roses can be separated or together. It came as it looks and looks just like a real rose. It looks like fake a rose plant that you want to decorate around the house but with this you bath with it . 

Bath Bombs Gift Set of 6 x 4.2oz

I love these bath bombs because they work perfectly ( video below) . Six comes  in the box . They are the size of my palm. I love that it changes 
colors when place in the bath tub. 
I recommend because it smells great, frizzle in the water when place and changes colors. 
The size is amazing and great for the price. 
The box is secure and the packages as well. 
Thank you. 
Great for relaxing, as a gift or want a soft skin.