HOMEE Floral Scented Bath Soap Rose Flower Guest Soap shaped Petals (Pink)

I love the ways they smell, and look amazing like a rose. I love the packages as well and comes with 18 rose in them.
They are great to have in the bathtub when you taken a bath . The smell stays on the skin and it's like wearing a perfume.

The layers of these rose are beautiful shaped and they make the bathroom smells beautifully. I like how they make the box looks amazing great with the bow on the edge to give as a gift or special events. These are great for wedding gifts for the guests . These are great for giveaways and they are wonderful to have around the house when you finish up with the soap. The scent isn't a powerful scent but it does last long on your body and make you feel extremely fresh. I like that it does come in other colors and the pink color are cute. I like that it comes with a great amount that you can also shared with others .
Great for gifting and great for romantic date or surprise engagement .

I love the color, the way it feels against my skin make it feels amazing soft.


I love the size of the roses in my palm of my hand and that you can decorate the bathtub with them. They are easy to use and easy to take off . The scent is like a feminine perfume that you can wear everyday. This is great for a christmas gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, thought gift and list goes on. I recommend because it came quick, secure packed and I love the style of the box plus the flowers.

I like that the roses can be separated or together. It came as it looks and looks just like a real rose. It looks like fake a rose plant that you want to decorate around the house but with this you bath with it .