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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Samples from crowd tap. unilver products

This is a draft for now.

I received these lovely products. The suave shampoo and conditioner are wonderful that it makes my hair feels soft and healthy.

Suave lotions is very advance therapy that does a wonderful job on dry skin

Suave coconut deodorant that makes my armpit feel comfortable, don't damage clothes and don't leave residual on your skin.

Dove soap makes my skin feels Making soft and great.

Affresh cleaning products

This is a draft will update it very soon.

These are great cleaning product that I recommend you actually see it working . You can see the dirt and the after math of cleaning product , stink and so much more.

Splenda sugar

The best healthy sugar I would recommend because it gives that flavor that you can enjoyed. I like that they also make liquid sugar. Let me talk about the sugar pack that I got.

Is a great size of sample. I like the calories is way less then other sugar. It gives my drink that sweet tasted but comfort drink.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Unilver products (Crowdtap)

I received these lovely samples from Dove, and Tresemme for my honest review. 

Tresemme Shampoo & condition for damage hair (sample picture below of me after washing my hair with the product) .
Shampoo feeling is not sticky but make your hair foam in bubbles that make your hair feel so clean when you scrubbing to washing it. 
Conditioner gives my hair that soft, relax, healthy feeling that I have been looking for . 
Other product just make my hair worst especially when I dye my hair . 
Tresemme products that I received gives my hair volume, strength, life, healthy and softness to the fullest.

My review for the 
Dry Spray from Dove (go fresh-revive) is very amazing to me because it look like there nothing on my armpits. The scent is amazing, the product don't damage your clothes, and it last long. The size of the bottle is amazing great and I love that.  The ingredients are on the bottle. I love that it smell just like the fruit on the display picture. 

Dove advance care for sensitive skin is a great product for me because I hate using deodorant that make my armpit so itchy and its annoying. This product definitely don't make me feel that way and that's what I love about it . I love that it last long, great on my skin and make me feels amazing. The ingredients are on the bottle .

(Update later for the links)


Thank You for visiting :) , more to come. Thank you CrowdTap , Dove and Tresemme for a great opportunity to test out your product. (Would love to work more with you :) ) I share on my social media's account as well.. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Loreal Paris pro matte liquid lipstick


I got this lovely two set lipstick that from loreal Paris . #promatteliquidlipstick for free for my honest experiences. I love that it is soft and not a mess. Easy to clean and last long plus none sticky. Here you can join Join Influensters

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seventh Generation Wipes Reviews


I received a sample wipes from seventh generation.
Seventh Generation is a company that sells baby product such as wipe, diapers etc. Kitchen cleaning product as well house cleAning plus so much more.
#generationgood #ad
I have been with seventh generation testing for a long time. My overall review of the store themselves is amazing.
Hopefully they got retail store that people can walk into and enjoy.

They create this site for you to test the products they got available to give to you to test out with your honest experience.

I am here to talk about the seventh generation wipes for babies that they gave me a sample of.

First, when you open up the packages it is very moist . That's perfect because you need moist to clean your baby and make the baby feel fresh.

Second, you can feel the strength of the wipes compare to many wipes I try out that keep breaking.

Third, all seventh generation products including wipes, and diapers etc are healthy , health as well organic products .

Below is my test picture and a link to join to learn a lot about seventh generation . A great site to learn about natural and what's best for your family.

Thank you

Join seventh Generation Tester

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Welcome To Exploring New

I would like to Thank you for visiting my site first and foremost. 

My site is about Exploring New products that are out or coming out or have been out.

My experiences to the products with my reviews about the product including 

Video's and Picture's.

I will write reviews about site's . 

I will post links on to purchased item's .

I will post links to sites that need help for reviews ( Some People Consider these site the free/discount/ paid blogger's as well influencer ). 

I consider those sites like Tomoson (< Click on the name to send yourself to the page), to be apart of a community where I can gain a bond with sellers . 

To express my honest (100% honest) experiences with their product because it is very IMPORTANT to them that they get your honest feedback about their products.

I feel many people like to get free products or discounts products or get paid product just to get but won't give their honest opinion. Some people will sell these products , if you see anyone selling these companies product without their consent . Please let the site as well the company knows about this because if it's not a legal site like etc and it's people themselves doing it without a license nor approval for the company. They need to get reported because they are messing things up for those who are actually being honest with the companies and site about the products reviews.

Once again my site will have a lot of reviews about products and links to different's sites plus earning cash site . 

Thank You so much.

Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island Ebook

#stillwell is a great book where you can understand and feel what the character is going through. I know the feeling of losing someone to cancer and it is a hard feeling. It a spooky but love story type of book because  you can see what the books is about. I won't spoiled the book for you but you will get into it .

click to buy

Purex Plus Clorox 2

I am in Social Insiders site and I have received a welcome kit of #PurexPlusClorox2 #Sponsored for free for my honest experiences to share with you all . 

Plus giving away coupons to lucky winners to get a full size of Purex. & Congrat's to the winners  

My first thought when it came, I was surprised the size and second I needed detergent lol . Thanks to social insiders and Purex for the great chance to show what a great product it is. 

Add caption

Purex gives that Bright clean, smart value, stain fighters, safe colors to your clothing and it also includes Purex Clorox 2 . 

Yes , Clorox to make that stain come out but also make your clothing in all colors looks amazing brand new feeling to it. 

This is my before picture of my son shirt . The toughest stain to get out is baby food because it keeps on spilling even with the bib on . When the baby moves the bib away , and the food accidentally spilled onto the shirt . Can be the toughest stain to get out . 

_________Before using Purex______________

_________________After using Purex_______________

This is my after washed and as you can see it is cleaner than before. The scent is amazingly great. I love that it took the toughest baby stain out of my son shirt . I love that it also make that soft feeling to it as well :). 

Thank you for reading and visiting :) . 

The Purex® brand provided me with a sample of Purex® plus Clorox 2® detergent in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own