Seventh Generation Wipes Reviews


I received a sample wipes from seventh generation.
Seventh Generation is a company that sells baby product such as wipe, diapers etc. Kitchen cleaning product as well house cleAning plus so much more.
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I have been with seventh generation testing for a long time. My overall review of the store themselves is amazing.
Hopefully they got retail store that people can walk into and enjoy.

They create this site for you to test the products they got available to give to you to test out with your honest experience.

I am here to talk about the seventh generation wipes for babies that they gave me a sample of.

First, when you open up the packages it is very moist . That's perfect because you need moist to clean your baby and make the baby feel fresh.

Second, you can feel the strength of the wipes compare to many wipes I try out that keep breaking.

Third, all seventh generation products including wipes, and diapers etc are healthy , health as well organic products .

Below is my test picture and a link to join to learn a lot about seventh generation . A great site to learn about natural and what's best for your family.

Thank you

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