Unilver products (Crowdtap)

I received these lovely samples from Dove, and Tresemme for my honest review. 

Tresemme Shampoo & condition for damage hair (sample picture below of me after washing my hair with the product) .
Shampoo feeling is not sticky but make your hair foam in bubbles that make your hair feel so clean when you scrubbing to washing it. 
Conditioner gives my hair that soft, relax, healthy feeling that I have been looking for . 
Other product just make my hair worst especially when I dye my hair . 
Tresemme products that I received gives my hair volume, strength, life, healthy and softness to the fullest.

My review for the 
Dry Spray from Dove (go fresh-revive) is very amazing to me because it look like there nothing on my armpits. The scent is amazing, the product don't damage your clothes, and it last long. The size of the bottle is amazing great and I love that.  The ingredients are on the bottle. I love that it smell just like the fruit on the display picture. 

Dove advance care for sensitive skin is a great product for me because I hate using deodorant that make my armpit so itchy and its annoying. This product definitely don't make me feel that way and that's what I love about it . I love that it last long, great on my skin and make me feels amazing. The ingredients are on the bottle .

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Thank You for visiting :) , more to come. Thank you CrowdTap , Dove and Tresemme for a great opportunity to test out your product. (Would love to work more with you :) ) I share on my social media's account as well..