Welcome To Exploring New

I would like to Thank you for visiting my site first and foremost. 

My site is about Exploring New products that are out or coming out or have been out.

My experiences to the products with my reviews about the product including 

Video's and Picture's.

I will write reviews about site's . 

I will post links on to purchased item's .

I will post links to sites that need help for reviews ( Some People Consider these site the free/discount/ paid blogger's as well influencer ). 

I consider those sites like Tomoson (< Click on the name to send yourself to the page), to be apart of a community where I can gain a bond with sellers . 

To express my honest (100% honest) experiences with their product because it is very IMPORTANT to them that they get your honest feedback about their products.

I feel many people like to get free products or discounts products or get paid product just to get but won't give their honest opinion. Some people will sell these products , if you see anyone selling these companies product without their consent . Please let the site as well the company knows about this because if it's not a legal site like amazon.com etc and it's people themselves doing it without a license nor approval for the company. They need to get reported because they are messing things up for those who are actually being honest with the companies and site about the products reviews.

Once again my site will have a lot of reviews about products and links to different's sites plus earning cash site . 

Thank You so much.