Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi , Tyndale books

My first reaction to "Fire Road" by Kim Phuc Phan Thi, is " Wow, you can feel her pain".
When you read the book you feel as you are the character in the books. The book is very detailed. You know every steps of her life. The ways the soldiers separate them from each other. Kept her dad with them while she haven't seen him in a while.
Then they had to move from the location they was at. They are the people, families she stood with as a little girl and then they had to move cause of bombs everywhere. While everyone is running and she stood in the storm of dust. Her skin was in pain, peal off and I feel her pain because the pain she going through is to much but she seem like a strong female who can handle it even though it's overwhelming.
Napalsm is the chemical from the bomb that I read on the book that destroyed her skin. They thought she was dead as she woke up in the morgue . Her uncle, and family finally find her and took care of her. 

Great book that I recommend because as you reading you feel as you are the character and you are understanding what she going through plus her pains.

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