Reclining/Lounging camping folding chair with headrest and footrest (Standard size Blue )


I received a #recliningcampingchair that is very comfortable to seat down on a hot day . 

On the beach or the park or just around the house or at a concert , BBQ events, and the list goes on . 
You can use this Reclining as a regular chair . 
It can be unscrew  to have it as regular chair . 
You can use it as a lounging / reclining chair as well . 
The back part can go back by using your hands to pull the bar up or your body by pushing it back. 
You can rest your legs up or have it on the floor . 
The chair have two cups holder, a side pocket patch that you can place anything in it. 
Pocket have a big one, two middle side and also this lovely chair comes with a pillow that you can attached it to the chair..  
It comes with a bag that you can use to place the chair inside and you can carry it with a stripped that is attached to the bag. 
The chair also have a strap that you can use to keep the chair together and don' have to worry it will re-open again when you try to put it away.

The chair isn't heavy in my experiences and great to store it anywhere you love without it taken space. 

This is great for the beach because you can lay back on however you like . Your stomach or your back and get that beautiful tan you be looking for. The sand will go right through it and it isn't hard to clean off. The material is very comfortable , doesn't bother at all, and the 
chair is well build because the poles are strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs . 

Why do I like this chair a lot?

I like that it is a reclining/lounging chair that no other company's have made a chair that is portable to take anywhere with you and lightweight.

Why I recommend ?

I recommend because you can travel anywhere, relax as if you on your own bed, you can use it as a regular chair or gaming chair or a movie chair or beach chair or whatever you like and it is easy to open and close.
It doesn't take up space, material is comfortable, the pole is strong, their storages and pillow that comes attached to the chair (never seen that on others).

Thank you for visiting . Highly appreciate :)