Women's Full-Zip Polar Sport Fall Winter Spring Fleece Jacket


What appealing to my eyes about  #womenfleecejackets ?

First, I needed a sweater and I needed a sweater that can keep me warm in the fall weather that's coming. I decided to get it looks very warm in my eyes. I notice that it has pockets, neck cover and it is fleece. 

Why I bought it ?

I was curious about the way it is . 

When I received the product?

I decide to wear it in the new york city night time weather that is chilly , cold breeze type of weather that it sometimes make you feel like you need a coat. 
I wear this lovely fleece jacket outside, and I was in shock that I didn't feel the coldness trying to fight itself inside. 
I was warm the whole night , and I love that I can cover my neck to block the coldness trying to enter. 

What I love about this fleece jacket?

Warmness is truthful, the adjustable on my the side at the bottom to block the cold from going up, the 4 pockets it have ( 2 long but great length pockets inside, and two hand size on the outside with a zipper). 

Why would I recommend "Woman's full-zip polar sport fall winter spring fleece jacket" to you all?

1- It is very warm even with the breeze . You stay warm.
2- 4 pockets 
3- zipper that cover your neck 
4- adjustable on the side 
5- comfortable to wear 
6- great to wear just the jacket or have it under your coat for that extra warmness. 
7- the price is perfect

Thank you for visiting  I just love the warmness it is . 

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