Welcome To My Barilla Pasta PArty

I join <the site to join< and got choosen to host Barilla <are the link to buy< pasta party. 
I invited my families and friends over to enjoy the great pasta with me . 
They love the Tupperware that comes with the fork and knife.
Easy to clean when the pasta is inside that's A+ in our experiences.

#Tryazon #ReadyPasta 

We love the delicious pasta of Rotini, Penne, Gemelli, Elbows with some delicious sauce from Barilla.

 They all enjoy the tasted, love that it is 1 minutes microwavable noodles and that they can enjoy the fun of pasta. 

Thank you for choosing us to have this great time.  The sauce are just perfect and the noodle are soft as it should be and easily to break it to move around. There no hard noodles inside but softness. Delicious . 

highly recommend because you can take this to work , school, at home when you want something quick to eat, park, beach, traveling, road trip, and list goes on . 

Where the party is at ?!!! Barilla is there to rescue . People will enjoy it.