Habits Of The Heart 365 Daily Exercise For Living Like Jesus By: Katherine J Bulter (Tyndale)

A wonderful positive book that you
Should read in your everyday life. You believe in the Lord ? Jesus will make you feel whole again. Another word each day you read a page in this book. Each day you think, take out what each day want you to take out and bring in Jesus in your life.

I love how small it is, with a bookmark attached to it and each day is a new mission that I called it to changes and better life. 

As I read each day, I feel the positives, and all that burner letting go. I took a page of this book with a picture of an example and I explain what it means to me. For you, it might mean something different to you in a different view and that's fine. 

This picture is the back , it said 

" Guide your heart above all else , for it's determine the course of your life" .

 My opinion is to protect your heart from all odds, teach it things that is impossible to face and feel what life has to offered. Your heart is your gold and your life is your treasure for each it will seek the accomplishment it needs. Everyone has different meanings to that quote and different views.

The book is the size of my hand but the words are readable and understanding.

I going write what's on the book of this page.

January 18th 


(Can anything ever separate us from Christ's love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or I danger, or threatened with death?.. No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ,who loves us. Romans 8:35-37)

"Sometimes it is hard to accept another person's love. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Perhaps  you have been hurt and fear another rejection,one could actually love the  real you.sometimes it is even more difficult to accept God's love.

What hinders you from receiving  this love?


Think about these hindrances and talk to God about each  one. "

These words that are with ()&"" is from the author mouth from her book. I wrote it for you to read it on what it said in the picture below. I will write my view about this page under the picture . 

I choose this page because I had expereinces my Hinders before. I was so afraid of getting hurt by the same guy or by another guy who I gave my all to. I keep repeating the same steps over and over not understanding why.
I, then took a moment to myself and pray to the lord to help guide my ways to better relationship and help me find true love with someone who is different and not the  same as my past. I kept praying and asking for his forgiveness . One day I was at the point of my life that I didn't want no relationship. I wanted to be by myself because I was afraid of getting hurt and I wasn't afraid to love another person . I can give that person all my love but the doubts of giving to the wrong one is the fear that hold's me back and haunt me. 

I was ashamed that life won't give me the guy I want, and that I going continue given my love to wrong people who needed the most but show they don't want it. They constantly lying and cheating. I didn't want to wasted my life on people like that. Then I honestly, pray and went to church once a while. I also changes my way of looking at things and keep being positive. With God/Jesus by my side, and  the transformation that I've been through. I appreciate the lord in every way for blessing me with my own family. Blessing me with two kids of my own plus a stepdaughter that I dearly love and a man who guide me to see the light plus show me I am worth more then I was given. He show me that he's not the same and he prove it by action.

I appreciate that the man I love deeply till this day and so on that God keep blessing our loves to show our children's that their are hope out there to love someone who can love you back with respect, appreciation and so much more even if you argue they won't hurt you. 

You have to take the risks in life, you have to changes for the better if you want a better life and you have to pray to the Lord to forgive all your sins. You have to keep that promise with the lord because it might seem like it's not working. It will work, be positives, be yourself, don't chase but motivate yourself in life, surround yourself with those who are on the same level with you, love yourself before you can love someone else. You have to forgive yourself, forgive those who have hurt you and no revenges. Pray for your enemies, those who have hurt you, abandon you and etc. Forgive them all for the life you want and need to better yourself to see the light and the light will shine on you as if you are the only person in universal.

It depend's on you. 
Faith will guide the way 
God/Jesus by your side
Hope will come to you when you least expected
Forward in life will show so much that you have and need to accomplish 
Believe in yourself, love yourself and everything will fall in place. 

In this book, there are each day satisfies and so much with it . Habit's of heart will changes your life and see things you thought wasn't there but been there in front of you all this time.. 

It doesn't have to be the love to give to others or given to you. You can use this phrase for yourself. When you do , you notice a lot, you become self - aware and you become to love yourself more then ever.

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