Mamiwata bottle

I love the color of the bottle. Unique color for the bottle. 
I recommend such a wonderful bottle because now I  can have flavor with my water. I have a video below to see and also a buying link below. 

It come with a case click here to see the case looks like. It is great for all kind of fruits and veggies you want in your water. Easy to clean and easy to carry around anywhere you go. 

I like that instead of plan water that I can put anything inside. In my video I put grape to demo show you how to use it. It is leak proof, and no water drips plus I demo that also in the video. 

What make this bottle better then the other bottles?

It can open both side, one side is where you put the fruits and the other side is where you drink from. 

Why I recommend?

I recommend because you can have flavor in your water with natural flavor such as strawberries, orange , kiwi, or veggies or anything you want to have flavor of. 

Can any age use this bottle?
Yes, all ages can use the bottle. 

It is spill proof , handle come with it, case to cover bottle when you want to hold cold drinks.

It is reusable , and you can take it anywhere even to the gym . 

It comes with variety of colors.

It can be a gift to anyone you want to buy this for . 

My experience with Mamiwata Bottle was amazing due to the fact that I can have natural flavor water you can add extra or mix up the fruits inside. 

Such a wonderful bottle.