The Lost Art Of Good Conversation by Sakyong Mipham (Blogging For Book)

When I was reading the book t. I realize that it is so true about how sociality are so stuck on technology like we are robots to this whole new world we living in. 

Like we lost all ways on communication and expression of feelings . How we forgot how to communicate properly and that we use technology to get away from reality. 

Sadness it is true.  I do be on the technology a lot when it came out. I also came to a realization before and during this book on how true it technology world blind us from what we truly living for. 

My husband and I when we go out . We rather prepaid phones with no internet on it or at least one of us have internet just in case we need it to get around. We choose that way because we sometimes or I would said 60% on the internet . Either I write my blog as a hobby, surveys to earn money cause I am a stay at home mom of two , social medias for connections with family or friends or sharing , or reading. I read books off the technology to and I teach my kids not to get so stuck on technology.

We can and can't live without technology . One technology got resource we need and communication with those who aren't around us. We can live without technology because we can communicate the proper way with each other. Technology have make us lack intelligent with short forms of words such as (lol) laugh out loud, (gtfooh) get the f**k out of here or any urban talk that is out in which it's a trend now or the future.

Respect are gone because parent not teaching there kids from home to have it . To bring it in school. Cyber bullying is a big issues that kids face now a days that everyone can see and it can be share within second to ruin a young or all ages life. Like things like this technology have ruin our lives. Sad truth . If we changes technology to a more encourage and share things that kids need to see , understand ,changes in a motivational plus positive ways then we can changes the generation.

It all start from technology, at home, and their surrounding. Time to promote all kind of learning to better kids for our future and have them learn to communicate right etc without the technology.

I recommend "The lost art of Good conversation: by Sakyong Mipham" , because it help you learn how to communicate all over again because due to technology we are blind in this world of the reality that we need to face. We need to learn without the technology interfering. We need to know how to connect verbal by face to face and enjoy each other company plus feel each other connection(chemistry between each others). You will enjoy reading the book because it gives you idea's on how to communicate the proper way .

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