The Roanoke Girls By Amy Engel (Blogging for books)

When I first read the book it was like a moment you just can related when your mother or someone you love passed away. I knew the feeling because my mom passed away 2013 and I still missed her. I won't spoiled the book for you but I will give you a insight summary of some part of it. I will definitely not spoiled the end of the book because I would like you to buy it on this link>

To be with your mom all your life is  a blessing no matter if it's good or not. For the character who mom did sucided is breaking feeling because coming from school and expecting your mom isn't there is emptiness and questions.. While she was about to go in a foster system. A surprise came to her and she finally met her grandparent not knowing they are rich. Can be a big life changes that soon she has to face.

While living with the grandparent's she met a cousin who apparently is like a sister named Allegra . Allegra is more like a outspoken, outgoing person with lots of bright light in her. She fill in Lane the main character in with the family history. All the aunts has died plus her mom. FAST forward the story . What happened to Allegra ? She is missing or did she got taken away? She love roanoke or she didn't? Why Lane didn't respond to Allegra when she needed her the most? Why is the grandmother acting as if this nothing new? Is the grandmother involved ? or maybe not.

Well I ain't going spoiled the fun for you but this book is a wonderful book . You understand Lane and Allegra relationship and the end will be the part we all been waiting for .. The truth is yet to come!!!