Restore "break out of your past and into God's future" by vince antonucci (Tyndale)

A great book to read when you feel you need that push in life . That support ,that love and understanding on big changes in life or situation that's in your life. 

This book is good for those who are in need of rehab for drugs, alcoholic, family issues, self issues , work or anything you need to get that closure.

I feel my brother who have lots of restoring to do should read this book . As I read this book we can relate to it because we have issues that we need to solve. My brother and I always bump heads for what reasons I honestly don't know. However my parent always tell me 
that he been like that since the day I was born.
As I grew older  despite all the stuff he have put me through while growing up . I always show my love to him and he sometimes act like everything is cool. Once he go and do what God knows what with his drugs. He is a totally different person . He feel I am trying to take my dad away from everyone and have my dad live with me. When it is all different topic. He assume things about me, talk about me without even knowing the truth about my life and it is constantly sibling rivalry between us. I am tired of him the ways he treat me  and I want us to have a better different relationship int positively and loving ways . If he don't get sober for himself, and changes his action against . he wont be allow to be in my house and after he talk down on my daughter. he want allow to get that respect from her like he use to because I want my daughter to know in order for her to respect people if they give the same respect back. if not, then walk away and let them be. He is older then me and i am the baby of the family. I feel he has a lot going on within himself that once he see me its like a trigger that hits his brain and he attack me verbally. In people eyes I am spoiled, lazy, dependable, all negatives because of him  telling people.  We live in two different boroughs in NYC and don't talk only during family events.

I see the  problem and i have try to fixed it but it just not working. i figure he has to help himself and get clean. I hate drugs and drinking  to unlimited. I try to help him and he said he dont want help. then he has to learn to help himself if he really want to.. I have habits like i love teach my kids and I read books these are my addiction's.  I think my brother is like that with me because he feel like I am a threat to him because my parent always favor me more then him. I don't do drugs, i got my high school diploma, i got my college degree, i got a family of my own, i don't drink and if i do is only rare to 1 or 2 cups that's it. Other then that he drop out of school at a very young age , he never went to high school, ran away, got high at age 13 years old and drinking. He always hang out with the wrong one, and have put my parentnnt through stress and still do. Once my mom passed away 2013 he just got so much worst into drugs and still do cocaine and trust me it's sad to see my brother going through things I have no control over it because my dad was once a drug addict. he said you cant do nothing about it because it is up to the person themselves to changes. 

This book here will help you guide your way and make you see things in a different perspective way. You will see things and understand why it happens and how can you changes it. This book help me understand my brother more and see what he is going through. I use "Restore" for my own issues that I have to understand and why it happen in the first place with my brother . Can it be because he use to run after me when i was young and i make him cut himself with the old antenna. I always felt he always been negatives against me since i was young . A book that you can relate is a book that will help you accomplish. Read the book and you will see things in different view and help you in many ways .. Highly recommend >>>  click to purchase