RORAIMA Sinature Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair Ergonomic Design with Comfy and Deep Seat Products Size 22"x21.7"x28.3" Color Gray

When you need a chair to take everywhere including camping, BBQ or etc. This is the chair for you 


The chair is very comfortable , easy to fold , easy to store anywhere , pockets on the side and front. 

Carry on bag that can be place on the shoulder.

The price is very reasonable .

I weight 190 and the chair hold my weight plus my two toddlers that are 30Lbs each.

When you seat is like a feeling of lounging but comfortably. You can stand easily and the pockets are very secure. I like that it is very relaxing chair that don't bother me at all.

Want to buy . Link below. Demo video below .enjoy 

I like the way I can carry it easily without the strap falling off . The material is strong enough to hold a person like me who is 185lbs and feels comfortable.
I do wish it has a arm rest to put my arm on top that would be nice to have with a cup holder on it.

What make me want to try out the product?

I needed a fold-able chair to have around when I have visitor at home or going out . I needed Roraima lightweight chair because it looks very comfortable to have and carry seem light.

What was your honest reaction when you first held and opened the package?

How light it truly is , easy to fold open and sit down I was like honestly "Woah , because my body went into a lounge position quickly". 

What problem were you expecting the product to solve for you personally?
 I was expecting to have that lay back feeling that is also comfortable and this chair give you that satisfication. 

What were your likes/dislikes?

Like- fold-able, lounging feeling, comfortable, pockets
Dislike- No arm rest, No cup holder

Who do you think this product is a perfect fit for?

Everyone, sport family who like to watch the games, and camping who love an easy fold-able chair. I use it for anywhere including at home.